Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Any given Wednesday

Today I had breakfast in the garden. It was not too cold outside and my tea was quite hot. Breakfast required no preparation; I only had to heat up a "feuillete" and toss some biscuits in a plate. Not a really healthy breakfast I grant you, but then it's the holidays right?

Then I cycled for an hour or so while watching Cuisine TV. Jamie Oliver's Happy Days Tour was airing. I had missed his shows during this past semester and now I'm making sure to catch up.

In this picture: Noushie on the cycle.

After a quick lunch and a shower I set out to meet my sister at Goodlands for some shopping. We shopped a lot but we also brought back something unexpected: a mocha cake. :D

A mocha cake slice

The cake was not bad, better than what I expected. It really had a slight coffee taste to it. But I'm not gonna try another slice anytime soon(at least I'll try not to :p) as this past week has been so filled to the brim with cakes and pastries.

On Saturday Jev brought a donut for me before we went for Marley and me.

On Monday my sister and I had lunch at Pizza Hut Caudan and we both got a free brownie.

All these are way too much pastry for a week but I sure had a great time with them except for the Pizza Hut brownie which was a little dry but the ice-cream was not bad.

Ah! Anyway, so much for my pastry week dudettes and dudes and my pastry-loving aliens. I'm off to some veggies slicing. See ya'll!


  1. You had a great food week huh? The mocha looks great. And it tastes great too, cause I know where you got it. Haha

    I remember you saying the brownie was no good, but it looks delicious on that picture.

    Love the tea cup.

  2. Yeah it sure did look delicious before we tried it. But it had the wrong texture for a brownie, I did not like it.

    The cup of tea is called Miss Piggy. :P

  3. donut : miam miam!
    However, I prefer other things filled up with choco :D

    ** The Ministry of Food warns all the consumers about the risk of having diabetes and other diseases when these type of food are eaten on a regular basis **

  4. Cute cuppa :P

    I feel like I gained a few pounds just by looking at all those pastries. Hahaha!

    I love donuts and the one in your foto looks good. Did Jevin buy this at shoprite? It's a shame we have no good donut shop around, huh? :(

  5. Doh :O Dooonuttttt :O depuis le temps que je veux manger un donutttt rhaaa c'est pas juste :(...^^ happy holidays.

  6. miams! i want all of them! winter makes me eat like a pig! oh well. lets blame it on winter, right mo!
    keep rocking the food!

  7. I like how your cat sits on the stationary bike :) And I also (always) need to watch something if I exercise at home so that I don't feel the boredom!

    It's been a while (about a month or so) that I haven't had time to watch my favourite Food Channel where I can catch all those cooking shows... after work I don't feel like watching much TV anymore...

  8. The brownie looks a big small in that photo. At least it was free. :D

  9. Good way to burn the calories...exercise :D
    Not eaten a donut yet, but ate many other cakes filled with chocs :P

  10. @ Yashvin, it's not really the ministry of food but rather the ministry of health! :D Or are you referring to Jamie Oliver's ministry of food? Hihi!

    @ Angele, the donut was bought at Winners, in Goodlands. they have just started baking cakes themselves and we saw they were selling donuts and wanted to try it out. It was better than those sold at Shoprite but not really meeting the "donut standard" hihi. The Winners donuts tasted more like brioche.

  11. @ La Pingouine, on manque grave de donuts a maurice. La meilleure des choses a faire c'est d'en fabriquer nous-meme! Rhaa! :D

    @ Keli, hehe, winter makes us burn lots of calorie too to warm us, so we need to intake a lot more huh? :p

  12. @ Carine, my cat really loves to sit up there every time I get down the bike, I think he loves it when the seat is all warm! lol

    @ Aline, it was really small, just the size of a scoop of ice cream. I guess we were so full after eating the pizza that we found it a little too much. :D

    @ Ritesh, yup and exercise makes you feel a little less guilty! :D

  13. Yep donuts bought at Winners Goodlands. They have a nice bakery btw. They do very good and their breads are simply miam.

    But the donut tasted like a donut shaped brioche. At least it had chocolate all over.

    I just got an idea. I see a lot of bakery passionate persons here. We could have a bakery potluck. The idea would be to have everyone bringing and sharing their favorite bakeries, home-baked or bought. Who's in?

  14. Well I am in. That makes 2 of us! lol! not bad for a potluck. Where do you plan to hold this? Has to be an accessible place, huh?
    Damn I will have to keep my stomach empty for the day.

  15. you know there is no bakery where i live, now i want to eat pastries. not fair...

  16. @ Bhavna, lol, I couldn't know about it! :D