Friday, 1 May 2009

Labour day political gatherings always make me laugh

Labour day political gatherings always make me laugh. It's like a once-in-a-year privileged moment which my family and I rarely miss watching on TV. It's one of those occasions when you'll see politicians with their little pieces of paper and you wonder why they did not come more prepared. They look so much like newbies on a presentation with those "pense-betes".

Then you'll get to hear the latest gossips on who did what and how awful it was. Some politicians will try to convince you that you made the right choice and not to change it next year for the general elections. Others will try to remind you of the good old days when they were at the head of the country and yet some others will try to gain the sympathy of the population by telling about how they have been betrayed by people they trusted.

Some would work on their speech to add a touch of humour and others will forget some of their text in the middle of their speech and will need to refer to their paper.

Then there's the crowd, those huge mono-coloured crowds, which make me wonder why so many people would want to ruin their public holiday and go attend those meetings. And I've always wondered why politicians fought over the number of people attending their meeting. It's like:
1st politician - I got the hugest crowd.
2nd politician - No I did.
1st politician - You manipulated the image so that your crowd looks bigger.

Huh? But that's the way it goes and it will go on and on every single year. Can't change that, can we? It's part of our culture, which is not a bad thing actually. It provides some free entertainment and discussion topics and we sure as hell need that. :D


  1. you forgot to mention the whole 'jalsa' in 1 may meeting. Bus picnic, briani,la mer, banderole, pavillon, col lafis (thou if i still remember good they promised years ago that they wouldnt use those because it's an eyesore and causes pollution) ! who cares what they are saying, they could use the same speech over and over again and the populace won't even notice as long as they have their share of the big cake. the same ones who are backbiting (euh,not that much 'back') each other would be the ones making an alliance before the elections. so i'm just like you in a way, i just watch the 'tamassa' and laugh :)
    ps: we should change the name of 'labour day', cz its politically biased :)))

  2. Yeah there were not much posters in fact, but I still saw a few of them. And I certainly saw the supporters' bus at the beach in the afternoon! haha! It's because of them that we had to go to an unpopular beach. Damn!

  3. "why so many people would want to ruin their public holiday and go attend those meetings"

    That's the question I have been asking myself for the past decade. Maybe its like Umar said. Because of the free stuff. Ahh politics. I never quite understood how people got interested in that.

  4. Getting interested in politics is good, getting all mushy and touchy about politics is bad. Those supporters are sometimes not objective and they just go with what their leaders are telling them, neglecting the practical aspect of things.

  5. ""why so many people would want to ruin their public holiday and go attend those meetings"

    That's the question I have been asking myself for the past decade. Maybe its like Umar said. Because of the free stuff."

    No, it's because some people are really stupid.

  6. am i the only one finding rajes bagwan (fuck knows how to write this name) funny in the pic above? haha
    0h well i don't venture into politics cause its a dirty game u know..

  7. Bruno, lol, that's a little bluntly said! hihi

    Rooch, yeah Bagwan is so funny. He looks as though he's trying not to hear a word! lol

  8. Quite a famous topic to blog about :) The mystery remains as we enter the world of Mauritian Politics.

  9. I could really rant a lot about that topic! LOL! Just can't understand Mauritian politics and the mindset of those people who diligently attend those meetings... Is that naivety or? As nussaibah just said, the mystery remains...

  10. speaking of presentation, how was your uni one?

  11. I'm not at all into politics. Every time there's politics on tv, I switch the channel. Hahaha! I hate it when the political parties start criticizing one another. They can go on for hours!

  12. @ Nussaibah and Sayuka, nicely said, the mystery remains...

    @ Waz, it went greatly. :p I forgot a few words of what I had to say though.

    @ Angele, yeah I hate that as well, but on mayday there's something special about all those gossips which makes them particularly interesting! :p

  13. Lol politics, as usual, they will fight "La Bataille des foules", with each party saying it got the most attendance, and also swear and critisize at the opposing parties...Some ppl usually go coz the buses r free, and after 'meeting' pu ale la mer :D

  14. I witnessed a "bataille des supporteurs" on the 2nd when I was having dinner with most of my relatives for my grandma's birthday. :D They were divided in groups and were arguing as hell and the sitting arrangement did not spare me that.