Monday, 11 May 2009

Opened on public holidays?

First I would like to say a big Thank You to all those who gave their contributions by voting on the poll I had placed some days ago on this blog. :D

At the time that I am writing this, the question as to whether or not you people think that shops and shopping malls should remain opened full-day on public holidays has received 21 votes out of which 18 people voted Yes and 3 people voted No. Based on these obvious results I am assuming that there is a majority of persons who would have wanted to see shops opened during public holidays and this includes Sundays.


Personally I would have replied Yes to this question.

How many times, on a Sunday or public holiday have you ever wondered how convenient it would be if some shops were opened or there were some places where you could have hung out and relaxed or just done some shopping?

People who work and who do not have the time to do their shopping during week days or Saturdays have to rush on Sundays to get their shoppings done before supermarkets are closed at one in the afternoon. This is very inconvenient and convenience is the key.

Imagine if you could do your shopping at ease on Sundays and anywhere you go, you see all kinds of facilities available to you. Wouldn't this be great? Wouldn't this be convenient? Wouldn't this induce you to spend more?

This higher propensity to spend could imply a probable rise in shop owners' profits.

Without forgetting that it would be a semi-realisation of HRDC's dream of 24 by 7 economic activities in Mauritius.

In fact, I tend to think that with local shops and businesses opened during public holidays, a lot of places would no longer look like deserted no-man's land and this can be good in terms of security of those who are out on the streets on those days.

But then crops the issue of free time and leisure for shopkeepers and salespersons. Alternative shop closing times could be found, such as for example opening up later during weekdays, 'cause I honestly don't think that there are so much customers who do their shoppings early in the morning on week days.

Plus there are days such as Thursdays when shops are closed as from 1 in the afternoon in some regions. This could be maintained to give shop employees their due holidays.

So dudettes and dudes and my aliens, I would like to know your opinion on this. So feel free to give a little of yourself. ;)

Edit (21/05/2009): The poll closed some days ago with these results.


  1. You're absolutely right. Shops should open in weekends. Because some people only have weekends to do their shopping. There are many people working far from civilisations (in hotels for instance).

    I think that shops should open their doors at noon on Sundays not close them.

  2. Jev, yeah opening up at 1 in the afternoon on Sundays is a great idea. This should really be applied.

  3. I don't want to be 1 of them who will say I totally agree but I have to say this is logical.

  4. and i don't know why it is not yet applied here in mru.It is logical that shops should open on days when people are free to buy. good point raised by u though.

  5. hey i missed the survey, haven't seen it!
    i would have voted no. holidays would not be holidays if we were tempted to go shopping and spending and spending and being slave to our wallets. oh thats personal. but my version of holidays would be any day far from the material world. but again people should be given the choice.
    later opening hours during weekdays however is a must! shops or pharmacies closing at 4 is ridiculous. but then there is a whole system to change, like bus operating hours, and more street lights and stuffs.
    jevin, far from civilization like hotels?! lol.

  6. keli, in fact you can still vote. hihi. I closed the poll just to know how much people have voted.

    Damn yeah! I forgot about shops closing early on weekdays. that sucks. it reminds me of how my mum always wants to buy vegetables like at 8 at night and asks my dad if he thinks those small bazaars would be open! hihi

  7. Thats all nice to have shops open on sundays and holidays, but do you think that the employees are paid x2, as stated by the law?

    No, I dont think so, since they are released earlier on thursdays (in some regions) to compensate for their work on sundays.

    For these shop sellers, I dont think they really have a choice. They MUST come to work whenever their boss tells them too... If you refuse, you may have to take the exit door.

    Perhaps somebody may confirm this?

  8. i would have voted yes too, i missed the poll voting somehow..
    but then i don't see it coming anywhere soon cause it is the whole system that has got to change plus our national culture as well. the thing is to communicate. people must be made aware of the benefits of 24/7. we are resistant bastards u know. we don't like change, we prefer dwelling in our comfort zone. bizin changement! muahaha

  9. Everywhere opened in Sunday and Public Holidays will surely be of great usefulness to Mauritians. No More Loads of People At super Markets On Other Days Of Week. It can also be a new way of spending family time.

    With the Mauritius 24/7 Concept, we also be able to enjoy loads of things at night time also like late night shopping. You can view my post on Komiko and Mauritius 24/7 at

  10. @ Yashvin, I think they would rather flatten the wage rate to make it become equal for any day and time. Cause in an economy working 24/7 public holidays would be quite meaningless.

  11. @ Rooch, that's greatly said! That's the manager talking, huh? :P I'm so proud of you! hihi

    @ Yadav, yes exactly. :D

  12. No dull Sundays! I prefer to have shopping malls open on public hols- so many things to do with the family.

  13. Keats, yeah you get to spend some family time together doing some shopping. ;)

  14. I think I would rather have the shops not opened on Sundays and public holidays. My parents have their own business which are opened on Sundays till about midday plus a full week including Saturday. So they work 7/7.

    As a kid, I sometimes wished they could be at home on Sundays and public holidays for a full day. While everyone can go and enjoy themselves at the beach etc on Sundays, we only had the afternoon free.
    Well maybe they could hire someone some days so they can get free time. They did that for a while until it didn't work anymore because you can not fully trust employees.

    Maybe if my parents were involved in some other kinds of jobs I would certainly like to have shops open on Sundays and public holidays so we could have more things to do. But based on my personal experience, the people working in these shops do need their holidays too!

    On the whole, life should be balanced; I don't believe in a 24/7 economy. To me it's totally unhealthy! I believe there's a reason we have day and night and holidays.

  15. i have voted no too. the 24 by 7 idea scares me too much.