Monday, 18 May 2009

Rust in peace

This afternoon I went down the basement to do something which made me really happy; I've put most of my hand-outs and notes in a doggy bag and went to keep it down there. :D Hehe... Won't be needing them for a long time now. Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m my exams will be over and holidays are coming! Yuhoo!

The visit to the basement made me rediscover some forgotten stuff like my old carom board and some of the board games such as scrabbles, monopoly and des chiffres et des lettres. I remember how I used to really love those games some years ago. I think I'll have to get back to playing with those one of these days.

I also found some really big spider webs. This basement is getting creepier year after year and I must say that I totally love this. :D I'll finally be having my dream spooky basement! Haha! But I gotta find a way to get out of my allergies first if I wanna hang out there often.

Damn this post is getting long. I'll leave you dudettes and dudes and my spooky aliens here. I gotta revise for the last one now. Argh.


  1. Cool. I love the basement. I say we should organise a Des Chiffres et Des Lettres competition. It should be fun. :p

    Btw when are you going to give me back my pocket monopoly board,miss?

  2. third time me commenting :S
    i'll probably do the same thing wednesday night, even if i have no basement. i'll throw them all in the garbage since i won't be needing them at all!
    happy holidays mo! yuhu
    and fuck it for tomorrow!

  3. hihi! damn, it'll be cool to take a pic of your notes in the garbage. lol

  4. I can remember that feeling of putting all the books aside and looking forward for the holidays. Lucky you!

    What are you studying by the way? Is it your last year this year?

  5. same goes for me on wednesday. can't wait to burn some rough papers i've been keeping forever now in case i might need them. hehe happy holidays morinn! :D

  6. my mum forced me to keep all my notes/books in the attic back when i was in high school. 'to ban ti couzin/couzine cav pou bizin apre'...n they never did! I had boxes over boxes over boxes, full of cockroaches and lizard poop.when i went back home last year, i made a beautiful fire out of all those stuffs. It was nice to see. Lucky there was no 'police de l'environment' around ;)

  7. I wanna play carom again!! I recently played free scrabble game on the cable TV ahhaa :D

  8. time to relax and look ahead now. Happy hols and take care!