Sunday, 17 May 2009

Some kind of Sunday

Today I spent some quality time in the garden. The last time I did that was some weeks ago. The thing is, the garden looked so inviting today after last night's rain and with today's sun.

This little garden-hopping gave me the opportunity to play with the pets, though Adou (the white dog), was the only one who was in the mood to play. Kushie (the black dog) was lazily relaxing under the shades of the lime trees and Noushie (the cat) had found himself a sunny place far from the dogs so that he could sleep without being harassed. :D
Right now I'm listening to some Metallica. I'm kind of addicted to Hetfield's voice. Damn I wish I could sing like that. :D Low Man's Lyric almost makes me cry. :$

That said, I'm gonna leave you dudettes and dudes and my Sunday aliens. Revision is waiting for me. Argh!


  1. That was a nice Sunday. Its awful fun to hang out in the garden all day. Some find it boring, but I kind of like it.

  2. Yeah I would find it boring if i were to do it all the time! :D

  3. lazy sundays are the best!
    did you notice the brightness of the sky and how pure the air felt today?! well i'm sure you must have.

  4. me 2 had a nice sunday, mostly after United's champion crowning yesterday :D
    btw you have a really nice garden and lovely pets ;)

  5. keli, yeah, i was kind of thinking lady nature has been generous yesterday! hihi

    @ Ritesh, yeah the manutd victory would sure be keeping lots of people happy for some time to come. :D

  6. Nothing like some sunshine to bring everyone out, pets included.
    Have a good day!

  7. You had a sunny Sunday? :o The weather was gloomy most of the time at my place -_- I spent my day lazing in bed mostly! Hahahha!

  8. how do you manage with a cat and 2 dogs? don't they ever fight? my cousin's dog once killed her cat. :s
    wish you a nice week ahead morinn, hoidays are nearrr! :D

  9. Awwww love the way your cat is relaxing!!! Cats always do this right!!