Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vinivi's milk round

Yesterday I attended a presentation from the guys of Vinivi to students at the University of Mauritius regarding the company's structure and IT job prospects in the organisation.

The guys doing the presentation were Gilles Granger, the founder of Vinivi and Jevin O. Sewaruth, developer, who has joined the organisation less than 1 year ago.

Gilles Granger started by talking about Vinivi, which is a startup, having been founded in 2006 by himself along with Jean Francois Topige. The company is currently working with 85% of French on-line travel agencies and the website holds the 2nd most significant collection of hotel videos in the world.

Presently, Vinivi has an employee count of 14 and the IT crew is recruiting up to 2 new members. Potential candidates for the job, as per Gilles Granger, should be "geeks", not what is derogatorily said about geeks but rather those having a passion for programming, and more specifically for stuff like .Net, SQL, Ajax, Javascript and API, among others.

As a leader of the organisation, Gilles Granger seems to be very motivating and inspiring, placing an emphasis on the job requirements and profile of future employees right from the beginning. He also stated that past experiences of employees is of little interest to the organisation, it is more driven by the potential of its people and what they can accomplish in the future.

Moreover, Vinivi is a flexible organisation, having very little hierarchy. Being small in terms of employees and flexible implies that it can easily adapt to changes in business situations. These also favour communication as well as team work and encourage employees at being pro-active and good decision-makers.

On my part, I particularly liked Vinivi's dress code, which is casual wear and which says a lot on the organisation's culture. :D

Gilles Granger surrounded by inquisitive students after the presentation

As for Jevin, he talked briefly on the projects he has worked on since joining Vinivi and about what his job consists of. He also replied to a few questions, like what Panoramio is about, for instance. Damn! I did not know about panoramio before yesterday.

Anyway, I was quite proud of him, after knowing about the stuff he did, even though I barely understood most of it.

On the overall, I really enjoyed the casual tone of the presentation, which, dabbed with a spontaneous sense of humour of the interlocutors, grabbed the attention of the audience till the end.

I'd like to wish good luck to Vinivi for their recruitment and selection process and if ever you wish know about the vacant job, mail at : emploi AT vinivi DOT com.

That's me ending this post. So take care dudettes and dudes and my aliens. :)


  1. Yes, it was a good milk round. We have had a couple of CVs and we are considering each one of them.

    Thanks for summing this up. Nice job.

  2. Hihi, I enjoyed writing about this. Gives me practice. :P

  3. Interesting! J'aime bien les boîtes qui ne se prennent pas trop la tête ^^ (ce n'est pas pour autant qu'elles ne sont pas professionnelles hein...la preuve!)

  4. morinn, i was picturing you with a mic in front of a camera all throughout. you'd make a wonderful reporter! thats me ending this comment :)
    go jevin, very impressive!

  5. Jess, wouais c'est vrai. Moi aussi j'aime pas trop quand elles se prennent trop la tete. Surtout lorsqu'il s'agit du code vestimentaire!

    Keli, I was pretending to be a reporter while writing this and every time I was disturbed by something, it was like "damn, can't I work in peace?" Haha! was like in those movies. :p

  6. nicely written post. good documentation. i have heard of vinivi before. guys doing a great job.

  7. May I know what's the dress code for work in the offices? Is there a day dedicated to casual smart?

    Good luck to those looking for a job.

  8. Keats,
    Dress code is casual everyday. No day is dedicated to smart casual wear.

  9. damn, have missed this presentation.
    Could had known a bit more about Panoramio.

  10. @ Ashesh, yeah the presentation was quite informative! :)

  11. just discovered this pos! i failed to attend this presentation.. but my friends who attended told me about it...

    i sent an email with my CV some days ago... no reply yet.... hmmmmmm... lets wait and see