Wednesday, 13 May 2009

When I was a kid

When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist. I especially wanted to travel to Egypt and explore the country and possibly discover new tombs of some unknown Pharaoh. Everything about Egyptian history used to catch my attention,and I had even started collecting books, magazines and newspaper articles on the subject. I used to watch every single documentary that was remotely related to Egyptian history and bore my parents and friends to death about this passion of mine.

Ah how naive I was at that time to be thinking that I'll be able to truly live this dream of adventure and exploration someday. But then I'll never give up on the hope of one day realising this dream of mine, even if it means just visiting Karnak as a tourist. :D

I felt like writing about this when I did a quiz on Lady Angele's blog. One of the questions there reminded me of my own childhood dreams. :D

And I hope you will feel like sharing your own childhood dreams dudettes and dudes and my dreamy aliens.


  1. Ahh dreamy aliens. I am one of them. Funny thing, I was just looking at holiday packages. Destination Tunisia/Morocco. Now I'll take a look at Egyptian holiday packages. You inspired me. Haha

    As a kid, I always dreamt of being an astronaut. Weirdly, most of my friends had that same dream.

  2. wanting to be an astronaut is the best-selling dream among little boys! hihi... To be honest I wanted to be an astronaut too, after watching Armageddon! lol!

  3. Egypt really fascinated me when i was small; the pyramids and pharaohs. I remember my dad had a book on Ancient egypt, and i was always dreaming about going to egypt one day.

    I wanted to be an air hostess ;) Later on, i find myself wanting to be a vet, coz i love animals! :)But neither did i become an air hostess nor a vet :(

  4. Maliha, maybe one day we could organise a trip to Egypt! :D

  5. hehe...yeah! we can go meet some pharaohs ;) They would surely be happy to welcome us! ;)
    ... and we can explore all the pyramids and the hierogliphycs! That would be great

  6. lol i remember this craze of yours. u even gave me some cut outs of egyptian pharaohs. hehe
    never give up on ur dreams miss, they are what keep us going in this sometimes boring world =)and yeah visiting karnak would be like coming so close to your dream so don't give up :)
    i wanted to be an astronaut when i was a kid and i wanted to study ladybirds. okay those were crazy innocent dreams of mine. now i've moved on to other dreams :) damn i am liking this word so much. *dreams*

  7. You already know what I wanted to be when I was a kid :P

    Hey Egypt is a country I've always wanted to visit! I'm fascinated by history of Ancient Egypt mostly. Count me in for the trip to Egypt ^^

  8. hey i believe this dream of yours went beyond your childhood eh! i remember in college you still were boring us to death about egypt!
    i used to dream of becoming a star, whichever. or a stylist. when you're a child, the world belongs to you. everything is possible.
    all i want today is. blank. haha.

  9. Try to use the internet to realise your dreams :)
    And why not 3D games? :P

    I think that every child dreams of becoming a police officer, fireman, doctor, pilot and things like that.
    However later you realize that the world is much more bigger than it seemed to when you were aged 10yrs or younger.

    More job opportunies as you grow up.
    For instance, at first there you know only "Computer Technician" or "Travaille lo computer".
    Later you discover there are also;
    analysts, programmers, software engineers, web developpers, seo experts, [...] and BLOGGERS!


  10. Egypt!nice place...hope u fullfill your dream one day.

  11. Hello!

    Over the past months, I've been trying to figure out what makes a person great. One of them is the ability to fulfill one's dreams.

    Having a dream is like having a goal. And if one works sufficiently hard, he/she may reach that goal.

    Imagine the Wright brothers who dreamed of flying. Or Martin Luther King's dream of a non-racist America.

    And the friend of mine who wanted to become pilot. And he flew to SA and is now a pilot.

    If we work hard enough to make our dream reality, it will be so. Unfortunately, it may be the case that we don't have sufficient means to achieve this, like becoming an astronaut (well, cosmonaut or i don't know what else like Chinese, Israelis, Indians, etc...).

    Perhaps we haven't been able to think out of the box, like if not possible in Mauritius, then pack off and try it somewhere else. And trying to do things different. Like if you are interested in music, then don't go to UoM but study music like to attend SAE in London. If you want to be an actor, study drama, etc. Don't do a BSc!

    A popular saying states that it's never too late. We can still be the one that we want. And start anew to achieve this. I can say that we have to think how to achieve it and not follow the sheep where they're going. Better not do something if we don't know why we're doing it. And do things that are aligned with our goals.

    Just like a ship. Without destination, it will only go from port to port, without reaching destination. If the latter is known, then the ship won't go astray and reach somewhere.

  12. Dreams allow us to think out of the box.We'll not be stuck in a rut if we dare to dream.
    All the best!

  13. @Yashvin when i read ur comment about "travaille lo computer", this reminds me of when dadis, dadas ask me what i do...thats all what i can come up with for them to understand what i do!


  14. I really got fascinated when I first heard of mummies, pyramids and their way of living. The first encounter with Egypt was in Form 1 in the Social Studies Book Which Still has not changed...

  15. I'm also fascinated by Egyptians. :)
    The gigantic size of pyramids suggest there is more to them than meets the eye.
    Though I don't doubt human capabilities, there is definite mystery behind the construction. :)

    I hope that one day I'll get the opportunity to visit the pyramids. :P

  16. i read somewhere on a Mauritian blog that we have pyramid-like structures in Mauritius...may be you can start from there! be the archeologist and find us a stargate to another far far really OMG far away galaxy! :P i want to meet Padme Amidala!!!! :D

  17. i think ancient egyptian culture is one of the most fascinating cultures in the world.