Saturday, 16 May 2009

Something to talk about... has been here since November 2006 and the layout has not changed much since its beginnings except for the tweaks I did on the blogger 565 template.

At first the template looked like this:

After the tweaking and until today it looked like this:

As from today, with a great help from Jev, it now looks like this:

Plus you people can now access the blog by using :D A couple of new stuff have been added here and there to fit the "buzz" spirit and I hope you guys will like it. :p

P.S: The flu is gone thanks to hours of sleep and litres of water. :D


  1. Oh now I remember the 565 template. That was some major tweaking you did.

    Yeah, lets hope people will like the changes. :p

    And congrats for the new domain. ;)

  2. good to go! :) transition was rather smooth eh

  3. Jev, thanks for the domain. :p

    Dan, yup! yup!, smooth net! :P wanted something not drastic.

  4. Congrats for the new domain, and keep up the good work!! :D

  5. nice and simple; i like the beach and the water, who's on the pic?

  6. buzzzzzzzzzzed!


    Congrats for the new word :P

  7. it looks uber cool!
    i'm very buzzed right now actually!


  8. Nice and simple domain. Congrates! I had help, all of it from my nephew, Prem. He's my saviour as I'm not literate in this kind of stuff. I just write! So, check it out:)

  9. Thank you so much for the comments dudettes and dudes. You guys rock! :D

    @ Airwin, it's a mom and her son on the beach. We got to know them through this shot and after it. I kind of found it cute how the boy was pointing at something and talking about it and the mother was calmly listening.

  10. hey wow this is serious stuff. congrats miss! :D
    i like the new header, goes well with "something to talk about"

  11. Hi, get rid of the blogger nav bar on the top. should be easy.


  12. Why would I want to get rid of the navbar? It provides an excellent searchbox.

    And try using your own name next time. It'll make your comment look a little less insignificant.

  13. @FYB
    I don't think this website is about being 'pro' as you call it. It's a personal blog for crying out loud. And why the hell are you so vulgar? morinn is the owner of the website and it's up to her to decide what she wants to do with it.

  14. I'm sorry I had to remove the comment before Sjdvda's because of the name and link it contained. But here is the content of the comment:

    template and website doesnt looks pro with a blogger nav bar .

  15. @ FYB,
    as Sjdvda pointed out, it's just a personal blog and this post is just about how the template has been changed. I haven't used the word pro anywhere and looking pro is not what I'm aiming at (just look at the content and the layout). I hope this will stop you from getting emotional about the layout of this blog.

  16. You got your own domain. Great! :)

  17. congratz!
    your very own url!!!
    i just realised the change while re-reading your entry...kewl!

  18. Why do people make grammatical mistakes when insulting others? Don't they realise that it makes them look like a moron? FYB, next time you want to sound "cool" by insulting others, go learn English first...

  19. Heyy.. m an amateur to the blogger world.. Liked ur posts though.. They seem real life-like i muj say.. No fancy show-offs.. BTW i guess u use ubuntu linux.. Wer did u get the pics for JACK THE RIPPER post??.. And to think of it that u get him comin into ur dreams:)?? Hilarious!.. I get dreams of being abducted by aliens.. And heck, i cannot do nething bout them..

    P.S.- U've been maintainin a great blog.. All the best for ur domain.. My blogz under construction.. 'll take a few cues from your's.. Hope u wont mind.. :)

  20. Hi Niket,
    Thank you very much for the comment. I have just updated the Jack The Ripper post to include all image sources. Hope this will help you out. ;)