Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The week has just started.

After the hectic wedding weekend (a close cousin got married), it seems that the week has now started. I'm readily welcoming the normal clothes, normal eating habit and normal smile all over again. Like one of my aunts said yesterday "no more of these disguises".

You see the thing about almost all social events where you get to meet all kind of people is that you can't always be yourself.

First it's because of the fancy clothes. Unless you are someone who dresses up "bling-bling" everyday, you won't feel at ease wearing clothes you normally wear to weddings.

Then comes the food... Oh my! Sometimes it's so delicious that you actually forget you've got only one stomach and that the one stomach can get upset with the spicy and oily food you've put in it.

And finally it's the smile, the smile you gotta permanently plaster on your face 'cause most of the time you won't be hearing a damn thing from what someone is trying to tell you, 'cause of the loud music, so you gotta smile to show that your friendly.

So all these will be over today and I hope someone else does not get married anytime soon. The wedding was awesome fun but oh so tiring!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

For whom the wedding bells toll?

Let me tell you right away that this post is not about me getting married. :P Though some people were literally assaulting Jev and I with questions regarding our wedding last night. You see that's one of the issues of going out with someone who happens to be a family friend and who is remotely related to one of my relatives; we get to be invited to the same wedding ceremonies and sometimes this gives rise to some awkward situations. However, looking back on all those incidents, I tend to find them funny.

Anyway, coming back to wedding ceremonies, I have tremendously enjoyed that of last night. It felt great to prepare for the wedding, find the right clothes to wear, do my hair and all those beauty stuff which I do all so rarely.

The wedding ceremony was great, very traditional, which I really love.

However, there is one factor that really annoys me in all the weddings I attend, which is the real loud music. I wonder if there is some kind of inter-wedding decibel competition organised every year. At first there was the loud music which made any conversation impossible, then came the band. Damn, I'm sure I'm going to suffer from deafening silence if I keep on attending weddings.

Whatever happened to the good old Shehnai in Hindu wedding ceremonies? A light background music makes the whole wedding atmosphere even better. I wonder why people don't opt for that kind of music more often.

You might argue that Shehnai players in Mauritius are rare and not really affordable by all. But then there exists the CD versions of Shehnais or for the sake of the health of guests ears wedding organisers might consider reducing the decibel a little.

It's not because of the latest hit music that people actually attend weddings...

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bloggers under the sun - Next bloggers meeting

Dudettes and dudes, thanks a lot for the suggestions you made on Yashvin's post and here, on this blog, in the previous post regarding the next bloggers' event.

As per the suggestions and feedbacks received, it seems that most of us want to hang out in an open area and get into some outdoor activities. We live in a beautiful island, why not make the most of one of our beaches?

Moreover Nav has made an awesome suggestion, which goes thus:

All bloggers get togeher in a sort of team building exercise and build a 6ft Sand castle? :)
A meeting with a meaning: “Global Warming: It won’t stop us building our castles” (that would be fitting given global concerns surrounding global warming, and the impact on tourism perhaps, in Mauritius)

We could go along with a similar line of thought, by organising a "meeting with a meaning".

We might also organise some fun team-building activities on the beach, which would enable us to get to know each other better.

I know all these must be sounding a little messed-up for now. So let's get into the proposals for the next bloggers event right away.

What we propose is this:

Venue: Flic en Flac beach.

Date : Not yet finalised - Probably a Saturday in July.

Activities proposed: A real treasure hunt with a real treasure to discover :D, beach volley, sand-castle construction competition, fake bowling and all those stuff you can do at the beach. :p

Of course, all these are still in proposal mode. Nothing is still final yet. We yet again need feedbacks regarding the venue and date to finalise the event.

So please do tell us whether you would be free to attend the meeting in July and whether the venue is accessible to you.

P.S: Just a little note for those living in the North near Goodlands and Petit Raffray or even Port-Louis, if indeed the final venue is Flic en Flac, we will have 3 (now 2) free places with us, so we can give you a ride, just let me know by mailing me at contact@morinnbuzz.com so we can talk about where to pick you etc... ;)

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Here comes FaceTube.mu

Before proceeding, note for the slow: I find FaceTube.mu lame and this post is to explain why I find it lame.

Just when you were thinking that Mauritius lacks a good social networking site, where you can only meet Mauritians and see all the pains associated with damn vain youngsters, you gotta stand corrected, cause here comes FaceTube.mu, a self-proclaimed "Facebook Mauritius".

First, I would like to congratulate the creator of Facebook Mauritius for the awesome domain name. I mean Facetube.mu, it's not everyday that you get that kind of inspiration for a domain name. To me, it evokes thoughts of colonic irrigation, especially if you try the creole accent but for other, less twisted people it might mean "awesome site".

Then, you might not be able to see it now, but this site is so damn useful. Instead of remaining on Facebook to socialise with your friends and have an opportunity of meeting more people and sharing more information, you get to use your facebook account to connect to FaceTube and meet a small circle of people of whom you might already be fed up. Ah! Such a joy!

So dudettes and dudes, no need to say that I was tremendously excited the moment I got the happy little spam email in my inbox some minutes ago. I was about to commit the horrible act of deleting the email when I thought better of it and got enlightened (and the best laugh of my life) by visiting FaceTube.

Now I'm wondering what the guys behind FaceTube are planning next, cause logically, something worst than that does not exist.

Is that a Google PR update?

It seems that a Google PR update has just operated; I noticed today that morinnbuzz.com has a PR 3. It's not that I'm elated about this, I usually don't give a damn about PR and stuff. However, it wasn't all joyful when we lost the PR 3 after moving to morinnbuzz.com from morinn.blogspot.com. Now that the PR is back, I'll have no grudge against the fact that the new domain wasn't mapped.

If you guys wish to check your PR, here we go:

Just enter you blog URL below

Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:

Do share your PRs dudettes and dudes!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Non-remunerated tuitions are fun

I started out giving tuitions in 2004. My first students were form 3 kids from the village who were seeking assistance in English, French, Accounting, Economics and Maths, all those stuff I love, minus the maths. I had barely 3 students and I found it difficult to handle. I was still in high school at that time, so you can imagine I had tuitions too.

But I did not give up. Over the years I have developed a kind of thrill in carrying out those classes. With each new batch of students every year, I got to grow up as well. This year for instance, I have noticed a change in my behavior; I am more confident and more relaxed when I am speaking to them. I joke more often as well and I really like it when the girls are giggling, at least it shows that they are listening.

For the past 2 years, I have scheduled my tuitions on Sunday mornings, and it has taken the importance of a hobby in my life. I don't think that I would stop this some time soon.

It's gratifying to see the kids progress and it's a real pleasure to have an attentive audience every Sunday morning.

So dudettes and dudes, all this goes to say that if ever you have some time to spend in helping some kids who really need it, go for it. Sometimes some parents might even want to remunerate you and if not, well, you will have the satisfaction of accomplishing something truly worthwhile, without forgetting that you'll develop your "one-man show skills". :p

Monday, 22 June 2009

Free Garbage Bins

This even made it to the news in brief on MBC tonight; the intensive cleaning campaign at Petit Raffray and the fact that the Ministry of Environment is giving out free garbage bins to the village's inhabitants. Something similar was organised in New Grove.

We got our bin yesterday and Azou was the first to sniff it, as you can see

I think that giving out free garbage bins to Petit Raffray's people is a good initiative on the part of the Ministry. Perhaps the people might now start realising that garbage is meant to be in bins and not on other people's ground.

Having lived in Petit Raffray for almost 8 years now, I have witnessed the aggravation of this dumping issue. The people take great care into transporting their garbage from their house to leave it near my place. Had they taken the same care into putting those garbage in a bin in front of their house to facilitate the scavengers job, the place would have been a hell lot better.

Anyway, dudettes and dudes, I cross fingers, wishing that this is the beginning of a solution to this issue.

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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Some kind of music weekend

Our music weekend was dead simple, it consisted of food, 2 days out with Jazzie, the beach and Machine Head out loud. Damn! Machine Head has got to be our fave band! We kind of get addicted to it on and off.

Cam-whoring, I don't know why Jevin is laughing out loud in the background. :S

Wonder what he's thinking about, might be a big burger. ^o)

Food consisted of muffins and some sort of toasted cheese and butter sandwich which were really quick to make and tasted lovely even after riding with us for hours.

The muffins

The sandwiches

When I got home I treated myself to some good ole Metallica and again some Machine Head, just to end this music weekend beautifully.

P.S: I know it sounds weird, but I watched Miley Cyrus' Berlin concert last night on TV and that girl is really talented! She gives so much of herself on stage, its quite a deal! To think that people were comparing her voice to that of Avril Lavigne... Avril Lavigne is totally eww. At the beginning of this year I was browsing MCM and there was a sort of Acoustic/unplugged (whatever, who gives a damn) concert of Avril Lavigne and she was seated like some sort of badly-haired princess, singing her lame songs and forgetting half of the lyrics. Damn! That day I lost all of the respect I might have had for her.

Ah dudettes and dudes and my musical aliens, I hope you had a great music day. I'm off for some TV watching.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Orange Horror

Of all the horrible things that tread this world, none are more horrible than Orange tees. Damn, I've even got a wrinkled nose as I'm writing this.

I think I'll use it for my daily desk cleaning. The fabric suits this purpose well!
So long dudettes and dudes and my oranged aliens.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Suggestions for a next bloggers meeting...

Anyone in for a next bloggers meeting?

Let's go back a little in time...

The previous bloggers meeting was held at Mc Donalds, Port Louis, on Saturday March 14 this year and the event was promising, to say the least. Around 25 bloggers were present and we all shared some nice moment, though we lacked time to get to know each other more.

Another meeting was supposed to be held during university vacations and here we are, in mid university holidays and it's high time to start rolling and planning the next meeting.

I don't know about you dudettes and dudes, but I am as enthusiastic as for the previous meeting 'cause there are some stuff that I'd like to do for the next one. For instance, I would like to:
Be a little more talkative.
Get to know more about everyone present
Get there on time! :p

Coming back to the next bloggers meeting, Yashvin has proposed that we come up with suggestions about the venue. As per what he added in the comments below;

1. First of all, we should find a place to hold the meeting, which should be easily accessible and convenient to most of us.

2. If ever that place has to be paid for, we must take into consideration that most of us are students.

So I would invite you all to voice out any suggestions freely. :)

Regarding the date of the next meeting, it has not yet been set. But it will most probably be once again held on a Saturday to fit the schedule of those of us who are working, have school or are on training or placements.

We sincerely hope to hear some positive responses from you blogging dudettes and dudes. ;)

For any suggestions or queries, my email address is contact @ morinnbuzz.com

To know more about the previous meeting: First Bloggers' Meeting 2009, Promising

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Feedburner is being a whore, it has screwed up my feeds and no one is getting updates from my blog. Contrary to what you might believe, I'm quite zen about it. As long as I can read my stuff, I'll let the problem get solved by itself or not...

Anyway, I have decided to make the most of this little period of "incognito posting" by writing some meaningless confessions which will keep me busy before I'm off for watch Desperate Housewives in some minutes.

So here goes with the meaningless confessions:

I just shaved my legs using my dad's shaving cream and now I'm smelling like a guy. :s

I'm dead freaked out when I receive anonymous comments but it's fun, it's like my own personal scary movie.

I love receiving hate mails. It's amazing how much energy people put in writing those.

I hate banana pies. I've baked a total of 4 of them this year and I've had enough.

I cried when I watched Princess Protection Program. Damn Selena Gomez!

When my toe was aching last year, it was in fact a toe fracture and I still find this ridiculous!

So much for my dumb confessions dudettes and dudes and my unshocked aliens. It's Desperate Housewives time! At last!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Those three years

were no steady years...

I had the opportunity of being crazy, thrilled, possessive, obsessive... you name it.

We downed lots of pizzas, pastas, pastries, miles, petrol, movies, words, songs, concerts...

I love you \m/

Its a wasp war baby!

Ever since I am on a temporary holiday, my parents have deemed it right to assign me insignificant missions that are supposed to spice up my life a little. Today, one of them consisted of going on a reconnaissance mission to locate a wasp nest so that it can be removed during the weekend. As per the strict guidelines which I received from my parents last night, I was supposed to only locate the nest from afar and could photograph it (they know how much I love taking photos of everything) but I had to remain a notable distance away from it, which I did at first.

I initially only photographed the nest and got back home. Then I thought "Damn, I am so obedient". And me, being me, I set out again with the aim of removing the nest myself. I had prior to that donned a pair of pants and a huge jacket, of course. Armed with the gardening tool below and some courage, I set out to defy the beast.

The tool

The strategy that I adopted was simple: I cut down the branch containing the nest. At this point I should precise that there were no wasps lounging in the nest or else I would have had beautiful scars on my face to show my kids one day. So the branch fell along with the nest. I wrapped the wasp nest in a newspaper page containing some crappy Courts adverts. I wanted to burn the nest down but I thought I would just dump it in the garbage bin instead of ruining my beloved grasses.

Cutting the branch

Tadaa! The nest

Wasp nest wrapped in a newspaper

Post-war scene

Ah! So much for my wasp war dudettes and dudes and my unimpressed aliens. The hero in me is a little turned off by the fact that there were no real danger in tackling the wasp nest. Damn wasps! They knew I was coming, that's for sure...

Monday, 15 June 2009

It's all about pizzas

This past Saturday I had the best pizza in my whole life. Believe it or not, it was a simple four-cheese pizza, which consisted of a tomato sauce base and the four cheeses were gorgonzola, mozzarella, mascarpone and Parmesan. Jev and I went to a nice little Italian restaurant in Trou aux biches; the place is called Voglia Matta. We shared a large pizza between the two of us and I was totally full after leaving there. I bet that was because of the four cheeses. :p

I can't wait to go to Voglia Matta again and try out some other pizzas or just to stick with the four cheese yet again. Hehe... I'm glad we've finally found a good pizza-maker in the north.

We had previously tried Trattoria at Grand Bay but their "margherita" pizza which consisted of mozzarella and tomato,was not to my taste: I found the crust a little too crunchy plus the topping tasted bland. I don't know how. Perhaps it was not well seasoned.

However, the cheese pizza I have least enjoyed in all my life (despite the "enjoy me" flag) is Pizza Hut's new 3 cheese pizza. This will serve me as a lesson for wanting to have lunch at Pizza Hut!

So dudettes and dudes, what's the best pizza you've had so far? Is there any place you'd like to recommend?

Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Big Issue

Ever heard of The Big Issue? I'm sure you must have and if you haven't, The Big Issue is a magazine which offers a huge help to homeless and vulnerably housed person.

From the magazine's website you can read:
The Big Issue exists to offer homeless and vulnerably housed people the opportunity to earn a legitimate income. We produce a weekly entertainment and current affairs magazine which vendors buy from us for 70p and sell to the public for £1.50, keeping 80p for themselves.

The magazine first started out in the UK in September 1991 by John Bird and Gordon Roddick. The magazine is now published in eight countries. It is written by professional journalists and sold by homeless persons. The vendors, of course, have to abide by some codes of conduct to be eligible to this offer. For instance, they will have to be clean of alcohol or drugs while they are acting as Big Issue vendors.

I personally greatly admire the Big Issue initiative. Imagine offering the homeless and needy the opportunity to earn a living, and in this case they are really earning it. It's not a grant, it's not charity. They are employed and they get their due.

In Mauritius people are often blaming the authority for not providing enough help, this is no news. It would actually be great if we could do something like The Big Issue around here or in any country for that matter.

Ah dudettes and dudes, do you think I'm unrealistic to be thinking about the Big Issue in Mauritius?

Big Issue

Friday, 12 June 2009

Launching cooking for the lazy and impatient

Launching is a big word. Let's just say that I am telling you guys that I have a new humble little recipe blog. As a matter of fact, I am the lazy and impatient one when it comes to food and I decided to create this recipe blog whereby I could share my weird recipes and culinary tastes.

Most recipes would be eggless, cause I come from a vegetarian family and our day-to-day eating habit is veg, keep up! :p

I expect to be bashed for posting crappy food pictures and horrible recipes (which, I assure you, truly work), so I'm taking a big risk.

With this blog I would like to inspire those who thought they could not cook to give it a little try and to manage to do some great stuff.

Ah, dudettes and dudes, now I only have to drop the blog URL and run away to hide myself somewhere... So long people!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Twisted Proverbs

This is what you get when you ask some drunk people to complete proverbs for you:

Much ado about... Britney Spears

Do right and fear... your boss

Practice makes... you look dumb

No sooner said than... regretted

So many head, so many... butts

To be as fit as a... Honda Jazz

Every cloud has... gas

There is no place like... that cool club we went to last night

God helps those who...are in the mafia

Long ways, long... glasses of beer

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is...the Cyclops

Empty vessels make...no food

Of two evils, choose the... more profitable one

There is no accounting for... Tomorrow

In the month of May... sleep, get laid and skip classes

In one's birthday... boozing party

As large as... Henry's girlfriend

To be left high and... drunk

To drain the cup of... coffee

To find the chink in someone's... chick

Violence breeds... Eminem

Truth is stranger than... the barman of the 5th avenue bar

You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him... dance the flamenco

Here are the original quotes, they were taken from the dictionary above.
  • Much ado about nothing
  • Do right and fear no man
  • Practice makes perfect
  • No sooner said than done
  • So many head, so many minds
  • To be as fit as a fidle
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • There is no place like home
  • God helps those who help themselves
  • Long ways, long lies
  • In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king
  • Empty vessels make most noise
  • Of two evils, choose the lesser
  • There is no accounting for tastes
  • In the month of May cast ne'er a clout away
  • In one's birthday suit
  • As large as life
  • To be left high and dry
  • To drain the cup of bitterness
  • To find the chink in someone's armour
  • Violence breeds violence
  • Truth is stranger than fiction
  • You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink
By now you might have guessed that I made it all up! Haha! It was fun twisting those proverbs. I thought of some really adult ones, but I refrained myself from posting them.

If you liked this post, you might also want to check out a similar one on keepmetal.

Take care dudettes and dudes and my aliens. I'm off to have a good bath and then Desperate Housewives! Yay!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Outing with kids

I just came home from an outing with form 1 kids. They are in fact my sister's students and at first I thought it would not be fun. I had gone on a similar trip in 2006 and I learnt that kids, especially in great number, are really difficult to manage and what you thought would be a pleasant trip might well turn into your worst nightmare and leave you with a hell of a headache. My sister literally dragged me to her place of work and convinced me by saying that I would be able to make some great photos if I accompanied her. The planned itinerary was Casela bird park and then some beach in Flic en Flac.

Despite all my reluctance, I ended up having fun. This trip brought back some good memories and I realised that some of the features which were there during my secondary school outings are still present today.

For instance there were:
  • The competition between buses, provoked by students, as to which one would reach the destination first.
  • The booing when your bus overtakes those of your friends.
  • The singing and asking the driver to make it quick: "appuyez chauffeur..." :p Today, the driver was a particularly muscled and tattooed guy, so I advised the student not to mess up too much with him. Haha
  • The sharing of cakes and other foodstuff like mint sweets and chewing gums, mostly the Hollywood one.
  • The intense silence due to tiredness on the way back home.
On the overall the outing went great and if I had to do it again, dudettes and dudes, I would definitely do it, which is good since I'm going back tomorrow! :D Hihi!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Winter Blooms

Winters are far from being harsh in Mauritius. However they do bring in their toll of fallen leaves and dying summer plants.

This winter brought in 2 major flower-surprises to me. The first one is this yellow flower below whose name I don't know (but I'm looking for).

The second one is this dark red Gerberra which looked dead in summer and which got back its beauty as winter crawled in.

The garden now looks a little more colourful, in addition to the Geraniums which have not yet stopped blossoming.

This weird plant below is a wild pale purple flower which is growing on the wall just below my room. It is great to wake up in the morning and be greeted by them. However, I think my mum will have them cut in the weekend as she hates wild flowers.

Last, but not least, is the cotton plant which grows in the rest of our untamed property, where my mother lets wild things grow. This plant is definitely one of my favourite as it reminds me of the time when we first came to live in our house and how mesmerising I found this plant.

Cotton plants last a long time and they are incredible in dried plants arrangements. So if you live in Mauritius and are looking for cotton plants, you know where to look for them. I'll be willing to share. ;)

By the way, before opening up fully, a cotton flower looks like this:

I'm searching in my image gallery for a fully opened cotton flower. So I'll be updating this post soon. ;)

See ya dudettes and dudes and my winter flower-loving aliens.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Animal defender? Really?

Ever since the Dengue fever cases have made it to the news, I can't stop killing mosquitoes. I killed an overall of 3 or 4, bare handed. I can't believe I did that. Not that I'm saying I'm the nicest person around. It's just that, I've been thinking about the implication of my deeds.

I am an avid animal lover and defender, basically. I always make it a point of honour to protect animals, especially dogs, and this has even brought me into arguments with people; some woman who was letting her son hit a dog, it's a long story.

But then I am the worst kind of hypocrite to be preferring dogs to mosquitoes. One of the major criticisms that have been formulated towards animal defenders is that they are always on the frontline to defend cute animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters from vivisection and scientific experiments but they are barely there for "pests" such as rats and flies.

I guess this is true, at least in my case it is...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A mystery murder train

The weather is quite chilly today, the kind of temperature that makes me want to go under the blankets with a good mystery book. Last year, in winter I was reading most of the Agatha Christie novels I could lay my hands on. It was a real obssession and it was at that time that I developed the dream of one day going on a mystery murder train.

A mystery murder train basically involves going on a train with relatives or friends, whereby meals will be served and as an entertainment, a murder is faked and you and your group have to try and solve it. Usually a friend of yours will be pre-selected as being the victim and each and every participants might be attributed a role to play. The one who gets to be the murderer must keep it a secret for obvious reasons. :D

This is not a very popular game around here in Mauritius, though I've got a cousin who organised a couple of them for birthdays except that they were not held on a train. We did it at my cousin's place instead and it was just as fun. The fact that the game was held at night and that we had quite a lot of participants (the birthday guests) made it a real success. We took about 3 hours to solve the murder and the smallest cousins were so freaked out that one of them even started crying.

The murder was based on the novel Cards on the table by Agatha Christie and my cousin had beforehand made sure that none of us had read it. Finally it was by proceeding by elimination that we managed to solve the murder. But damn that was fun!

Dudettes and dudes, you must be thinking that we must be a bunch of loonies to be playing such a game for kicks. Hehe, you are not wrong. So, would you be interested for a game of mystery murder train?

Image source: Wikipedia.org

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Damn expo

Today Jev and I went to the Orange Expo at the Swami Vivekananda Conference Centre, Pailles. We did not plan to go there before; it's just that today we had nothing else planned.

I did not want to say anything negative about the expo (yeah really) but I'll be lying if I said I had a good time.

In fact, nothing really caught my attention at the expo, except the bimbos they hired to look after inquisitive persons, I wonder where they got them from. Ah and the flowers and plants looked genuine (except the fake grass). I think Orange really put a lot of effort in buying real flowers and plants for that expo or were they taken from the natural places nearby?

Anyway as I'm talking about the girls and flowers it must be quite clear that the purpose of the expo itself did not strike me much, unless if you consider the Orange sitara singer who was screaming at the top of this voice to an Atif Aslam song. That was enough to make us leave. I wanted to take some flowers in the process but I was so much in a hurry and so scared to lose my precious ears, you see.

Ah dudettes and dudes, you must be thinking that my day had been a total waste, but not quite, not quite. I killed a damn tiger mosquito today and that freaking cheered me up.

Anyway dudettes and dudes, did you attend the expo or were you about to do it tomorrow and now have doubts about it because of my post? Do let me know...

Friday, 5 June 2009

I'm no noodle

Yesterday I badly wanted to eat some noodle, what we Mauritians often refer to as mine frit. However, I did not want the crappy noodle that take-away shops sell in my area but a real home-made noodle, with a lot of vegetables.

So I took the E-bike, which is in fact a scooter and went for some grocery shopping. Yeah I know you must be thinking that I'm damn lazy for not walking to the shop. In my defense I'll say that the shop is about 1 kilometre away from where I live, seriously.

Coming back to the noodles, I first prepared the veggies. I took carrots and green veggies (brede blanc & queue d'ail, I don't know their English names). I chopped the carrots in juliennes (as in the picture) and chopped the green vegetables at random. Don't make a great fuss out of the brede, it'll wither during cooking anyway.

Then I dropped 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan on high heat and put the carrots to cook first, when the carrots looked a little tender I added the bredes. It let out a little water as it was cooking. I then added the fresh noodles to the vegetables, poured in some soya sauce (a little less than 1 tablespoon) and garlic sauce and added then the queue d'ail. At this point you can even add bean sprouts or a little sliced cabbage, cause you don't want them to be overcooked. I personally think that vegetables taste better when they are still crunchy (except potatoes). :p

Anyway, I ate the noodles with a little tomato chutney which I made by simply dropping 4 tomatoes, along with 1 garlic clove and 4 chillies in the food processor and blending them for about a minute. Don't forget to add salt to the chutney or it'll taste like baby food.

Ah! That was a great lunch dudettes and dudes. Of course you can add chicken or eggs to your noodles, but I prefer mine plain. With just some vegetables, it tastes awesome. :D