Monday, 8 June 2009

Animal defender? Really?

Ever since the Dengue fever cases have made it to the news, I can't stop killing mosquitoes. I killed an overall of 3 or 4, bare handed. I can't believe I did that. Not that I'm saying I'm the nicest person around. It's just that, I've been thinking about the implication of my deeds.

I am an avid animal lover and defender, basically. I always make it a point of honour to protect animals, especially dogs, and this has even brought me into arguments with people; some woman who was letting her son hit a dog, it's a long story.

But then I am the worst kind of hypocrite to be preferring dogs to mosquitoes. One of the major criticisms that have been formulated towards animal defenders is that they are always on the frontline to defend cute animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and hamsters from vivisection and scientific experiments but they are barely there for "pests" such as rats and flies.

I guess this is true, at least in my case it is...


  1. This makes a lot of sense. You remember what Carlin said about that?

    I guess, we are all hypocrites at some point in time. We can't help it.

  2. Carlin was a great guy huh? Kind of miss him and the stuff he said!

  3. yep that's true "we are all hypocrites at some point in time" ^^...talking about mosquitoes, i have to kill some before going to bed.

  4. mosquitoes! they give malaria, chikungunya, dengue and what else? kill them all i say! :D

  5. The mosquitoes are hypocrites as we help them survive and they come to suck our blood, bloody ingrates!

    Bzw last night there were some UFOs at my place, Aliens had masks and equiped with laser gun like objects releasing a sort like smoky gas.

  6. @ Jess, hehe, I feel better once I said I am a hypocrite, I can continue killing mosquitoes now! :P

    @ Rooch, I should come to you everytime for a confession. Those are real good reasons to continue the killing! hihi

    @ Joyshan, you're damn lucky! Those aliens came huh? I was wishing they strolled by my place too. Cause I can't live with all those mosquitoes.

  7. I agree...I think too that killing any creatures mayit be mosquitoes or rats is kinda bad in some ways.If karma ranked killing mosquitoes same as killing people?

    But what I experienced is that its hard to know where to stop when u start loving..I've been thinking and dreaming about this for some time.
    There sure is wiser ways other than killing.

    Like to find ways to keep them away other than slaps or using dooms.
    For myself I found these Citronella sprays at Game,so they wont even come in your house.

    Other ways are growing marygold or citronella flowers in your garden or even attract bats :)


  8. Hi Pipo, thanks for passing by. ;)
    In fact I was thinking of planting the lemon grass/citronelle in my garden sometime soon. I did not know about that the Marygold repels mosquitoes as well. I'll try to read more on that...
    I'm currently using a citronelle bracelet for now and it is really working. I don't know if the effect will wear out afterwards.

    What you said about karma is deep... It really gives food for thought.

  9. Animal defender, but not insects and pests, specially mosquitoes :D

  10. @ Ritesh, I guess most people have reasons to hate mosquitoes. More so now that the dengue fever alert has been put forth.

  11. The reason why we are having to kill pests and insects is because problems are not addressed at the source. Here's a scenario:

    Port Louis is infested with rats everywhere, right?
    Cause: it's a dirty city.
    Remedy: Kill the rats! Really?
    Why don't we clean up the city and keep it clean instead?
    That would leave no room for rats.

    It's the same with a diseased person. They take medecines (I'm not against medecine but if you want to have a long term solution then people should think about this further). While they should really just know what they put in their bodies instead and how they look after it. Medecine is like killing the rats, not cleaning the place regularly!

    Most people say they are animal lovers, but yes, animals means cats and dogs. Lamb and cows are dinner, not animals! How do they decide which animals they call pets and which animals to call dinner?

    Another point for animal lovers, consuming cow's milk is far more cruel than eating meat itself. They are a lot of articles and videos online depicting the suffering of cow's and their youngs to be able to provide milk for human consumption. Where did people get the idea that cow's milk was meant for them? How weird!

    I don't believe in pets because I think animals should just live in their natural habitat. But, of course I would rescue animals on the streets if I find that they need it. We've made this place inhabitable for them anyway...

    And about the vivisection thing, rats are also well defended. Animal activists voice for all animals used in vivisection, not just 'cute' ones. Are rats not cute? Animals are animals, they are all there for a reason, not for food, entertainment and any reasons that wouldn't be natural for them...

    Anyway that's my point of view.
    The solution is to address the cause not the problem.

  12. i agree with the point of view of lovliebutterfly. we should clean instead of destroying the animals populating the city.
    but for the cow milk it is not our fault. we have been fed cow milk since we are kids.
    just my 2 cents

  13. @ VeganLovlie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate that and I agree with the fact that the solution to the rat infestation problem, as you mentioned in your example, should be addressed by keeping the place clean rather than regularly killing the rats.
    Please note that the criticism about animal activists preferring cute animals to other "less cute ones" was not emitted by me, I had read that in a magazine article. I have barely applied this criticism to my case as I feel that I am being selective in defending animals.
    As you said, rats are well defended, I have not contested that.
    I guess I should not have said "This is true". I have been a little too definitive there. ;)

    @ Steff, regarding the cow milk, you can still stop if you want to. ;) There are many brands of soy milk now available in Mauritius.