Thursday, 25 June 2009

Bloggers under the sun - Next bloggers meeting

Dudettes and dudes, thanks a lot for the suggestions you made on Yashvin's post and here, on this blog, in the previous post regarding the next bloggers' event.

As per the suggestions and feedbacks received, it seems that most of us want to hang out in an open area and get into some outdoor activities. We live in a beautiful island, why not make the most of one of our beaches?

Moreover Nav has made an awesome suggestion, which goes thus:

All bloggers get togeher in a sort of team building exercise and build a 6ft Sand castle? :)
A meeting with a meaning: “Global Warming: It won’t stop us building our castles” (that would be fitting given global concerns surrounding global warming, and the impact on tourism perhaps, in Mauritius)

We could go along with a similar line of thought, by organising a "meeting with a meaning".

We might also organise some fun team-building activities on the beach, which would enable us to get to know each other better.

I know all these must be sounding a little messed-up for now. So let's get into the proposals for the next bloggers event right away.

What we propose is this:

Venue: Flic en Flac beach.

Date : Not yet finalised - Probably a Saturday in July.

Activities proposed: A real treasure hunt with a real treasure to discover :D, beach volley, sand-castle construction competition, fake bowling and all those stuff you can do at the beach. :p

Of course, all these are still in proposal mode. Nothing is still final yet. We yet again need feedbacks regarding the venue and date to finalise the event.

So please do tell us whether you would be free to attend the meeting in July and whether the venue is accessible to you.

P.S: Just a little note for those living in the North near Goodlands and Petit Raffray or even Port-Louis, if indeed the final venue is Flic en Flac, we will have 3 (now 2) free places with us, so we can give you a ride, just let me know by mailing me at so we can talk about where to pick you etc... ;)


  1. I would add that there will be places with me too, from Triolet... If ever the carrot needs some tente bazaar, he can come, but I fear that he will surely keep his existence secret!

  2. @yashvin
    I dunno... Flic en Flac isn't that near. :)

  3. I live at port louis.. im in for the ride! :P

    Umm... The whole idea seems great.. except for.. beachvolley? umm.. BeachSoccer would be rocking perfect! :D

    The treasure hunt seems interesting.. :) lets go for it!

  4. You can bring a football Sun. I'm sure we'll find enough players.

    Just to clear doubts, the organisers of the treasure hunt will be revealed on the day. And they will not be allowed to play. ;)

  5. Fantastic idea!

    I promise that I'll come (with my wife + kids) this time :-)

  6. @ Sun, that's cool! We've only got to look for 2 more people who will want to ride with us! lol!

  7. I'll be present for the next one ;)