Thursday, 18 June 2009


Feedburner is being a whore, it has screwed up my feeds and no one is getting updates from my blog. Contrary to what you might believe, I'm quite zen about it. As long as I can read my stuff, I'll let the problem get solved by itself or not...

Anyway, I have decided to make the most of this little period of "incognito posting" by writing some meaningless confessions which will keep me busy before I'm off for watch Desperate Housewives in some minutes.

So here goes with the meaningless confessions:

I just shaved my legs using my dad's shaving cream and now I'm smelling like a guy. :s

I'm dead freaked out when I receive anonymous comments but it's fun, it's like my own personal scary movie.

I love receiving hate mails. It's amazing how much energy people put in writing those.

I hate banana pies. I've baked a total of 4 of them this year and I've had enough.

I cried when I watched Princess Protection Program. Damn Selena Gomez!

When my toe was aching last year, it was in fact a toe fracture and I still find this ridiculous!

So much for my dumb confessions dudettes and dudes and my unshocked aliens. It's Desperate Housewives time! At last!


  1. Hahhhaaaaaaa! I managed to catch those confessions despite your feeds being screwed :D

    o_O How on earth did you break your toe?

  2. Nice post! :) I've yet to bake a banana pie! Well, people who send hate mails have nothing better to do.

    Happy Weekend!!!

  3. @ Angele, well in fact, I was kneeling down to hug my dog and it happened, I put a pressure on the toe I guess. It was quite a pain after that. :S

    @ Carine, yeah I wonder what makes people want to send a hate mail in the first place.

    Happy weekend to you too!! :D

  4. I'm about to go watch Princess Protection Program myself =P I hope I won't cry xD

  5. @ Nussaibah, I hope you won't cry, but I sure hope you enjoy the movie!

  6. Great confessions but i wont confess mine :P


    p.s i`m on anonymous

  7. Hahaha... Nice confessions. Good for you for using your dad's shaving cream. Haha

  8. @ Joyshan, you weren't anonymous! :P

    @ Jevin, ha ha! Well the scent went after some time.

  9. GOT YOUR POST NOW, after 4 days...
    Thanks to feedburner!