Monday, 22 June 2009

Free Garbage Bins

This even made it to the news in brief on MBC tonight; the intensive cleaning campaign at Petit Raffray and the fact that the Ministry of Environment is giving out free garbage bins to the village's inhabitants. Something similar was organised in New Grove.

We got our bin yesterday and Azou was the first to sniff it, as you can see

I think that giving out free garbage bins to Petit Raffray's people is a good initiative on the part of the Ministry. Perhaps the people might now start realising that garbage is meant to be in bins and not on other people's ground.

Having lived in Petit Raffray for almost 8 years now, I have witnessed the aggravation of this dumping issue. The people take great care into transporting their garbage from their house to leave it near my place. Had they taken the same care into putting those garbage in a bin in front of their house to facilitate the scavengers job, the place would have been a hell lot better.

Anyway, dudettes and dudes, I cross fingers, wishing that this is the beginning of a solution to this issue.

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  1. "The people take great care into transporting their garbage from their house to leave it near my place."

    Hahaha this is so funny. Its really how it goes. It sound stupid and it is. People walk hundreds of metres to dump their stuff on empty fields.

    Nice bin. Damn lucky Azou. Being the first to sniff the bin. Haha

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  3. they are giving you offerings ohh mighty jevin :D

  4. @ Jevin, yeah, they even make rounds if ever there is too much to transport! They divide the work. lol

    @ Selven, lol! Guess everyone needs garbage bins at some point in time.

  5. hey morinn, wats the dealio with MBB?
    is it dead?

  6. Waz, as far as I know yes it is.

  7. lol at your neighbourhood :P

    Do like me, blog against them, it really works, load of people can now travel freely and some even thanked me indirectly :P>
    Oof, such a pain to write the link!(copy paste not working)

  8. @ Yashvin, I hope people near my place can change their attitude too.

    By the way, it's good you blogged about your neighbours! hihi!

    yeah, the copy/paste is again not working. :S

    Though it works for me, just when I don't need it! lol

  9. Such a shame really how far some people would go to pollute our environment. I would use my webcam if ever I suspect someone dumping their garbage in my yard. hehehe.

    Btw i almost forgot about Pettit Raffray. Been a long min since I've been home :( I used to go there for tuition.

  10. I dislike litterbugs!! Hope the bins will see an improvement in the situation.

  11. k, i should get rid of my MBB badge then...
    anyways, since it's dead...can you reveal who were the real leaders/shakers and movers behind MBB?

  12. @ Waz, I cannot with full confidence affirm that the site is "dead", but I can say it is closed, from what I have noticed.
    I cannot possibly make revelations. :p I don't have the required info.