Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Here comes

Before proceeding, note for the slow: I find lame and this post is to explain why I find it lame.

Just when you were thinking that Mauritius lacks a good social networking site, where you can only meet Mauritians and see all the pains associated with damn vain youngsters, you gotta stand corrected, cause here comes, a self-proclaimed "Facebook Mauritius".

First, I would like to congratulate the creator of Facebook Mauritius for the awesome domain name. I mean, it's not everyday that you get that kind of inspiration for a domain name. To me, it evokes thoughts of colonic irrigation, especially if you try the creole accent but for other, less twisted people it might mean "awesome site".

Then, you might not be able to see it now, but this site is so damn useful. Instead of remaining on Facebook to socialise with your friends and have an opportunity of meeting more people and sharing more information, you get to use your facebook account to connect to FaceTube and meet a small circle of people of whom you might already be fed up. Ah! Such a joy!

So dudettes and dudes, no need to say that I was tremendously excited the moment I got the happy little spam email in my inbox some minutes ago. I was about to commit the horrible act of deleting the email when I thought better of it and got enlightened (and the best laugh of my life) by visiting FaceTube.

Now I'm wondering what the guys behind FaceTube are planning next, cause logically, something worst than that does not exist.


  1. I'm sure a lot of people would want to use the Facebook feature to connect with the mini (as in I stole your idea) Facebook.

    I wonder what they are going to do once they hit the limit. They just made a site for one small, tiny country. They'll eventually run out of members.

  2. knew about this website since sometime now.. i hope they have better things than cristiano ronaldos puzzle..

    from what i saw.. guy go thr to see pics of beautiful girls.. lol.. :) and.. uhh.. thats it...

    I sincerely hope they make it more interesting(they? or he? or she, who knows)

    *sarcasm* the adsense banners are so well hidden that you wont even notice them! :)

  3. this is so funy. when i read on the wikipedia page i understood it better. :D
    why use your facebook username to connect to another site similar to facebook? it does not make sense.

  4. I came across this site yesterday.

    Many sites appeared and suddenly vanished. One among the best and most useful mauritian site ever remain

    The challenge is to make your site interesting and give a plus to the visitors. Else why would they care about your site if they can go directly to the root iself and freely?

    @steff : One of the main uses of facebook connect is to extract your information from your facebook profile to make it accessible from the site itself. This is a 2 way traffic where you can even publish things from the site into facebook itself. To reply to your answer, it makes sense only if you are going to use that information and in some right way. Else I dont see the need for this connection.

    Perhaps jevin can talk more on this topic ? :P

  5. found the site lame...kinda looked like hi5 to me. Could be helpful if you are single and have a lot of free time!i kinda liked when it was first set up....but then came the facebook mania!

  6. don't think i will be joinng! There is a 'Mauritius network' on will likely to follow previous attempts to create a networking site directed at Mauritians. I think the Kotzot website will serve for a good model for and i think outlines it's potential..

  7. @ Jevin, yup they would be hitting the limit pretty soon since the site does not offer anything apart from what Facebook already has.

  8. @ Sun, lol! yeah they have "clever" hidden the adsense ads!

    Hope they manage to innovate, like you said.

  9. @ Steff, you read about colonic irrigation? lol I hope you weren't eating at that time.

  10. @ Yashvin, yeah Facebook Connect is useful in many cases. A simple example, Disqus allows people to use their Facebook account to comment to blogs. This allows you to know who the "commentors" are by visiting their Facebook profile.
    In the case of FaceTube, unless it offers any new feature, it is just merely trying to form a small Facebook.

  11. @ Umar, yeah the site looks like a crappy Hi5! hihi

  12. @ Nav, I haven't joined too but I will be keeping track of the stuff that are going on around there, just to have a good laugh once in a while.