Friday, 5 June 2009

I'm no noodle

Yesterday I badly wanted to eat some noodle, what we Mauritians often refer to as mine frit. However, I did not want the crappy noodle that take-away shops sell in my area but a real home-made noodle, with a lot of vegetables.

So I took the E-bike, which is in fact a scooter and went for some grocery shopping. Yeah I know you must be thinking that I'm damn lazy for not walking to the shop. In my defense I'll say that the shop is about 1 kilometre away from where I live, seriously.

Coming back to the noodles, I first prepared the veggies. I took carrots and green veggies (brede blanc & queue d'ail, I don't know their English names). I chopped the carrots in juliennes (as in the picture) and chopped the green vegetables at random. Don't make a great fuss out of the brede, it'll wither during cooking anyway.

Then I dropped 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan on high heat and put the carrots to cook first, when the carrots looked a little tender I added the bredes. It let out a little water as it was cooking. I then added the fresh noodles to the vegetables, poured in some soya sauce (a little less than 1 tablespoon) and garlic sauce and added then the queue d'ail. At this point you can even add bean sprouts or a little sliced cabbage, cause you don't want them to be overcooked. I personally think that vegetables taste better when they are still crunchy (except potatoes). :p

Anyway, I ate the noodles with a little tomato chutney which I made by simply dropping 4 tomatoes, along with 1 garlic clove and 4 chillies in the food processor and blending them for about a minute. Don't forget to add salt to the chutney or it'll taste like baby food.

Ah! That was a great lunch dudettes and dudes. Of course you can add chicken or eggs to your noodles, but I prefer mine plain. With just some vegetables, it tastes awesome. :D


  1. Yes the noodles look freaking tasty on that first picture. E-Bike? Didn't know it was called that way. Does it run on electricity?

    Love the orange plate by the way.

  2. @ ALN, Thanks a lot. Hehe!

    @ Jevin, it's not really called E-Bike, there's just an E-Bike tag it has on its basket at the back. Yup it's got an electricity charged battery.
    The orange plate is a plastic thingy. Got a hell load of it a home. I use it everytime I don't wanna do the dishes. Haha!

  3. Morinn u feeling ok ??

    the noodles look weirdly colourful in this pic XD

    AND I HOPE U HAD THE HELMET ON while riding this sh!t cause i hate to see ppl riding those soundless wheels without proper gear ...

    enjoy your weekend ;)

  4. Okay, I figured out the E was for Electricity.

    Ohh disposable plates. Brilliant!!

  5. Dan, it's funny that you mentioned the precautions caused I really bumped a few banana trees on my way. Hihi!

    But yeah I am feeling ok. I had worn a helmet, really. :D

    Have a great weekend too! Thank god it's friday!

  6. Jev, it might actually be for Electricity now that your saying it. I did not even bother figuring this out.
    As long as it's not I-bike! Haha!

  7. @ Yashvin, hehe, I'm still wondering what that could mean.
    BTW, ena mega TVR tou? :p

  8. a scooter! wow how cool is that! do u need a license to drive those?
    hey u remember the noodles we used to have at mie? how did we even manage to eat that? like u say, crappy noodles ;)

  9. I love noodles, and looking at the pic made me hungry again :D
    Have a great weekend

  10. Noodles is a good sustitute for rice. Add your ingredients and it's a dish altogether. I like wanton ( prawn wrapped in packets) mee (noodle) . Do you?

  11. @ Rooch, yeah the beurky MIE noodles, I think they were putting grass in that! Hihi. I don't think there need a license to ride a scooter, that is, I ain't got one. :$

    @ Ritesh, hehe, happy weekend to you too. :D

    @ Keats, I've never tasted the wanton but if you say it's delicious, it must be. :D

    @ Simplecotton, yes, vegetarians rock! :D