Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Its a wasp war baby!

Ever since I am on a temporary holiday, my parents have deemed it right to assign me insignificant missions that are supposed to spice up my life a little. Today, one of them consisted of going on a reconnaissance mission to locate a wasp nest so that it can be removed during the weekend. As per the strict guidelines which I received from my parents last night, I was supposed to only locate the nest from afar and could photograph it (they know how much I love taking photos of everything) but I had to remain a notable distance away from it, which I did at first.

I initially only photographed the nest and got back home. Then I thought "Damn, I am so obedient". And me, being me, I set out again with the aim of removing the nest myself. I had prior to that donned a pair of pants and a huge jacket, of course. Armed with the gardening tool below and some courage, I set out to defy the beast.

The tool

The strategy that I adopted was simple: I cut down the branch containing the nest. At this point I should precise that there were no wasps lounging in the nest or else I would have had beautiful scars on my face to show my kids one day. So the branch fell along with the nest. I wrapped the wasp nest in a newspaper page containing some crappy Courts adverts. I wanted to burn the nest down but I thought I would just dump it in the garbage bin instead of ruining my beloved grasses.

Cutting the branch

Tadaa! The nest

Wasp nest wrapped in a newspaper

Post-war scene

Ah! So much for my wasp war dudettes and dudes and my unimpressed aliens. The hero in me is a little turned off by the fact that there were no real danger in tackling the wasp nest. Damn wasps! They knew I was coming, that's for sure...


  1. Hahaha! This post is so funny. I can't stop laughing.

    You're so brave and courageous. Hehee Look who's a pro at eradicating wasps now...

  2. I'm not that pro. I would have been a hero with a huge swollen face if there were really a bunch of wasps in there! :p

  3. Wasp nests are dicey. I hear one makes a fire and burn it. Be careful.

  4. @ Keats, since we're in winter and the temperature is quite cool, the wasps are not getting so excited.

    @ Nav, had it been their bee counterparts, then I could have expected some honey. Wasps unfortunately do not produce honey. :D

  5. hmmm very dangerous but hats off for your bravery :) Hope ur parents didnt scold u afterwards ;)

  6. As a matter of fact, Ritesh, they don't know about it yet. :p
    I don't think I'll be scolded though. I'll just get some skeptical looks on their part and perhaps they will ask me to never do it again. :p

  7. So if they weren't busy in the nest making honey what were they doing?..oh...wait...maybe i don't wanna know :s
    lol :p

  8. lol thats what staying home purposeless does to you.

  9. :| That nest is kinda big! I'm scared of wasps. Hahaha! Once I got stung by a wasp and since then, I try to stay as far as possible from them!

    Hats off for getting rid of the wasp nest :D No way I would have done that!

  10. i will need your service morinn!!! There's one in the yard of my neighbour each time i open the window i have some of these insects in my room... ^^

  11. I was expecting photos of wasps after I read the title of this entry. :P It's a bit weird that the nest was empty.

  12. @ Nav, they were rather outside, roaming. :P

    @ Bruno, hehe, la combatante decue, il n'y avait pas de danger.

    @ Keli, hell yeah it makes you dream of adventure!

    @ Angele, yeah getting stung by wasps ain't fun. I got stung twice in December, on my hand and ear, they were terribly swollen. At home they all were laughing at me.

    @ Jess, lol! Locate the nest and I am coming with my tool. Hihi!

    @ Aline, yeah its weird that the nest was empty and that's why I seized the opportunity to remove it. But I was scared they there were some hidden inside. Lucky there were none.

  13. Am I missing something?
    Was the wasp nest an abandoned one?

    Anyway, the way you described it sounded cool & adventurous.

  14. @ Rishi, yeah the wasps left the nest. Lucky for me. :D

  15. I have already pwned 8 wasp nests! and got pwned 4 times by their residents, i advice you to wear lots of cloths, a hat for your head, carry a "flambeau" so that if ever they attack, you can defend your self till you take refuge!

    Bzw my mom told me that these nests are luck thingies (i forgot the word :D )
    Bravo for you! :D

  16. @ Joyshan, if I knew the nest was lucky, I would have kept it! Damn!