Friday, 12 June 2009

Launching cooking for the lazy and impatient

Launching is a big word. Let's just say that I am telling you guys that I have a new humble little recipe blog. As a matter of fact, I am the lazy and impatient one when it comes to food and I decided to create this recipe blog whereby I could share my weird recipes and culinary tastes.

Most recipes would be eggless, cause I come from a vegetarian family and our day-to-day eating habit is veg, keep up! :p

I expect to be bashed for posting crappy food pictures and horrible recipes (which, I assure you, truly work), so I'm taking a big risk.

With this blog I would like to inspire those who thought they could not cook to give it a little try and to manage to do some great stuff.

Ah, dudettes and dudes, now I only have to drop the blog URL and run away to hide myself somewhere... So long people!


  1. Glad you finally released the blog.

    I've tasted the choc cup pies and the orange cookies. They are both great, but my favorite is the lazy cheesecake. It is a-ma-zing!!!

  2. wow morinn way to go! i am definitely subscribing to the recipe blog : )


  3. good initiative!
    i'm most likely, i'll be lurking around! :)

  4. oh no don't hide!
    how cool!
    i just took a look at it and so far its super fantastic!
    plus veggie recipes! hopefully your blog will help me converting to a veggan. or not. oh well!
    keep it up!

  5. crappy and weird? i buy!
    now i will need to cook too?
    cooking for the lazy and impatient. lmfao, that's me (Y)

  6. Rooch, Waz, Keli and Ashween, thanks a lot for the encouragements dudettes and dudes. :$

  7. wow. I missed this! :D I was busy since last week. Didn't see this entry.
    I also have a recipe blog but it's private. :P I just save everything as drafts and use the preview option when I want to have a look.
    I don't like to let people to see the mess that I make. :P It's just a way for me to remember what I've cooked. I often ask my sisters for recipes and try to cook but after cooking, I forget all about it and don't cook the same thing again.

    I'll be subscribing to your recipe blog. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark it and check it out from time to time! :)

    I have one too at . It's neither public nor private. It's just a place for me to keep recipes that I came across on the internet so that I can try them one day. I've tried some already.