Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Messed up seasons

Even though we Mauritians have officially entered winter on the 15th of last month, the weather seems to be playing tricks on us. Initially it started out cold and then recently it's so hot that one would think we're in deep December. We only lack the louder-than-your-neighbours' fire-crackers and weird people shouting in the streets to think that New Year is near.

Where the hell is the cold, chilling winter? Okay, I know we never actually had that in Mauritius.
Let me phrase it differently; where the hell is the relatively cold winter?

I want to wear socks and sleep peacefully under tonnes of blankets.

I don't want to hear mosquitoes' symphonies in my ears again. Cause contrary to what people believe, mosquitoes aren't great singers.

So dudettes and dudes and the seasonal aliens, do you think that the weather is getting hot too, or I am the only one?


  1. huh? here it's getting friggin cold!
    me bum is freezin to kingdom come! :(
    btw, according to wiki, bing "[...]represents a sound of arrival or conclusion, such as the sound made when an elevator arrives. Microsoft indicated that the name Bing "was memorable, short, easy to spell, and that would function well as a URL around the world" and reminded people of the sound made during "the moment of discovery and decision making.[...]"
    they were also inspired by the character chandler bing!!! were right!

  2. Yes it is still hot here. Weird.

    It's gonna be great once winter kicks in. Haha

  3. I wish winter was here too. These past few days have been so hot. I had to switch my fan on this evening because I was sweating! Tropical winter? Hehehe.

  4. Hi! Even in Vacoas, where I have to get relatively cold here, it feels warm not to say hot. Even at the time of writing this post, it feels like near summer. Not December. Not that hot. But still hot.

    Is that one of the problems that we're to expect due to global warming? I guess so.

    If that's the case, then I think that we're right into climate change, 'dérèglement climatique' in French for better meaning.

  5. Climate change!
    Well, if this isn't one more proof of climate change...

    I got roasted in Port Louis yesterday! There's no way this is winter... :S

  6. as for me I feel cold today :D strange weather

  7. Never got Chikungunya, but I've heard it's painful.

    Damn I hate those tiger mosquitos. They are pests and they bring all kinds of diseases.