Monday, 1 June 2009

My mothers day weekend

We went to Mahebourg to meet my grandma and spent some time there. The atmosphere was cozy and friendly, nothing fancy.

Curry at grandma's place

On our way, I got to see "the pyramids" at Plaine Magnien. To my amazement, there were lots of people there. I did not take any photos. I photographed Lion Mountain instead, which I feel is a more worthwhile scenery.

We then passed the Naval Museum of Mahebourg, which has recently featured a lot in the local news due to the death of its director. I was sincerely thinking that some people wanted to remake the Da Vinci Code, Mauritian style before knowing the actual facts of the incident which is a lot more gruesome than the Da Vinci Code.

Heading towards Mahebourg, Lion Mountain in the backdrop.

Before that, on Saturday I made caramelised almond slices with corn flakes and some fruit jelly. Both were received really well by my relatives. Guess they were hungry.

Caramelised almond flakes

Fruit Jelly

Right now I am feeling so sleepy. I think I'm catching a fever or something. See you when I recover dudettes and dudes and my happy aliens.

Oh! And how did your mother's day go?


  1. Fine day, my mom woke us as a pirate as she got a minor problem with her eyes and got it bandaged" so breakfast, then i had tuitions :S ,back home at 1. Quick lunch then my dad had to take a flight so could not to to grandparents` place . i prepared a great meal and had dinner with mom

  2. The curry looks good. I'm not a big fan of curry, but it looks really good on that pic. :S

    How were the caramelized almond cakes? I know the jelly was great. :p

  3. @ Joyshan, I know the pirate thingy with the eye, I got that some weeks ago. Hope your mom's feeling better. ;)
    So you cooked huh?! That's cool. I bet your mom loved that. :p

    @ Jevin, the caramelized almonds had a slight "gato pistache" taste to it. Hihi! It was yummmy (according to me.) :D

  4. I like the colors in the first pic.
    I want the fruit jelly. :P

    Well for the 5th year, I'm not in Mauritius to wish my mum happy mother's day or give her anything but I don't need a special occasion to think about her. :) My family is always on my mind.

  5. mahebourggggg *nostalgik*.mon pti village me mank :( the guy who got stuck on the fencing of the museum was its director????

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  7. I love fruit jelly. What's nice about fruit jello is that it's not too sweet and it's light on the stomach so that you can have another bowl without feeling too guilty! Hehehe :P

    The naval museum of Mahebourg. Wasn't it also the same place where a thief got hurt by metal fences while trying to escape? Lol. The fotos of this story have been everywhere and honestly... disgusting pics eh !

  8. The food looks amazing. I didn't know Mauritius was that big and you could see all those cool things.

  9. Mo p gagne faim!

    well, we went to the vet koz pif was coughing since a few days lol, then went to my cousin's place, had lunch, faire imper palab, returned back home... and ine gros dodo for a few hours :P

  10. That sure looks like a fun trip.

  11. @ Aline, in the first pic it's a bouquet I made for my grandma.
    Yeah it's true, don't need mothers day to think about our families!

    @ Umar, nope the guy who got stuck was a thief. I don't know much about the facts.
    As for the naval museum's director, his body was found in an abandoned house at Vacoas.
    BTW I love Mahebourg as well; I was born there! :D

  12. @ Rofes Desportes, thanks for the visit. :)

    @ Angele, I totally love the jelly when it's really cold. It was so light, you are right. I had 2 and a half servings. :$

    Yeah I saw the pictures of the thief too. Just thinking about it makes me feel dizzy. :o

  13. @ Manictastic, it's not that big. But some regions are different to each other and there are so many interesting places to visit all around the island! :D

    @ Yashvin, Pit has caught a cold? My dogs were coughing some weeks ago and we went to the vet, he told us to keep them warm and give them hot milk. Weird therapy, but it worked. My dogs were wearing t-shirts during their therapy! lol

    @ M. Kate, yeah it was great fun. Thanks for dropping by. ;)

  14. cool trip to mahebourg, eh? :)

  15. @ Steff, terribly pleasant yeah! :D

  16. hehehe...
    i almost forgot about this! the prob is that here, unlike us, they celebrate it at the beginning of the month...isn't that funny? i would have thought that it was an international thing and that everybody celebrate it on the same date or something! anyways, i'm glad for the 9 hrs difference! by the time, i realised it was last sunday of May, it was not too late to wish me mum "A Happy Mother's day"!!!!

  17. My Mother's Day was crap, but that's besides the point. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  18. I've never see "The Pyramids" at Plaine Magnan. Didn't even know we have this in Mauritius!?

    Your caramelised almond with corn flakes remind me of one of Nigella Lawson's recipe which I made some time ago. It uses chocolate (mars, snickers etc.) and corn flakes :)

  19. @ Carine, those pyramids recently gained a lot of interest. You can read more about it in this post. ;)