Sunday, 7 June 2009

A mystery murder train

The weather is quite chilly today, the kind of temperature that makes me want to go under the blankets with a good mystery book. Last year, in winter I was reading most of the Agatha Christie novels I could lay my hands on. It was a real obssession and it was at that time that I developed the dream of one day going on a mystery murder train.

A mystery murder train basically involves going on a train with relatives or friends, whereby meals will be served and as an entertainment, a murder is faked and you and your group have to try and solve it. Usually a friend of yours will be pre-selected as being the victim and each and every participants might be attributed a role to play. The one who gets to be the murderer must keep it a secret for obvious reasons. :D

This is not a very popular game around here in Mauritius, though I've got a cousin who organised a couple of them for birthdays except that they were not held on a train. We did it at my cousin's place instead and it was just as fun. The fact that the game was held at night and that we had quite a lot of participants (the birthday guests) made it a real success. We took about 3 hours to solve the murder and the smallest cousins were so freaked out that one of them even started crying.

The murder was based on the novel Cards on the table by Agatha Christie and my cousin had beforehand made sure that none of us had read it. Finally it was by proceeding by elimination that we managed to solve the murder. But damn that was fun!

Dudettes and dudes, you must be thinking that we must be a bunch of loonies to be playing such a game for kicks. Hehe, you are not wrong. So, would you be interested for a game of mystery murder train?

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  1. Ahh nice post. I love these kind of games. If its mystery and its at night, I'm in.

    The closest game to this mystery murder train I ever played was dark room. It's basically hide and seek, but in a room with no lights. It sounds banal, but its dead funny.

  2. Jev, I've played dark room too when I was a kid. Remember my grandma's old house? It was so huge that we could hide just about anywhere? :P We played that during cyclones when there were power cuts.

  3. Ouuuh, I have to try that. Usually I only stick with Cluedo, playing with lots of people xD

  4. aha dark room is traditional it seems! had lot of fun playing it in childhood with cousins...

    mystery murder train seems something very tempting to try especially with many participants.

    how to do to obtain the Novel Cards?

  5. sounds fun. nothing like the "normal" games we play around here. ^^

  6. @ Nussaibah, yeah do try it out one of these. Choose a good mystery novel for it. It would be awesome. :P

    @ Ashesh, well, I don't know if the cards are available. My cousin makes them herself. She just reads the novel and makes character cards for everyone. You receive the character card along with your invitation. That way you can disguise as well. But be sure not to mention from which novel you are making the characters to the participants! :D

    @ Rooch, hehe, it's fun to get to do some other weird sometimes. :p

  7. There is actually a board game like this..I often play that with some cousins..You can spend as long as 3 hours to terminate the game..But it's fun to play it..xD

  8. @ Tushal, board games would be awesome as well, since it would be great during rainy days for example! :P