Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Outing with kids

I just came home from an outing with form 1 kids. They are in fact my sister's students and at first I thought it would not be fun. I had gone on a similar trip in 2006 and I learnt that kids, especially in great number, are really difficult to manage and what you thought would be a pleasant trip might well turn into your worst nightmare and leave you with a hell of a headache. My sister literally dragged me to her place of work and convinced me by saying that I would be able to make some great photos if I accompanied her. The planned itinerary was Casela bird park and then some beach in Flic en Flac.

Despite all my reluctance, I ended up having fun. This trip brought back some good memories and I realised that some of the features which were there during my secondary school outings are still present today.

For instance there were:
  • The competition between buses, provoked by students, as to which one would reach the destination first.
  • The booing when your bus overtakes those of your friends.
  • The singing and asking the driver to make it quick: "appuyez chauffeur..." :p Today, the driver was a particularly muscled and tattooed guy, so I advised the student not to mess up too much with him. Haha
  • The sharing of cakes and other foodstuff like mint sweets and chewing gums, mostly the Hollywood one.
  • The intense silence due to tiredness on the way back home.
On the overall the outing went great and if I had to do it again, dudettes and dudes, I would definitely do it, which is good since I'm going back tomorrow! :D Hihi!


  1. Well, good to hear that you had a nice time.
    Back in the days, when I was in HSC, I used to plan outing for the school. Something it was Fom1-3 and then Form4-6 or sometimes it was a mixed group of Form1-6. I was vice president of a club at school so getting the approval from school was easy.

    The hard bit was to set it up (planning, getting parent approvals and collecting the money)... as for the rest, it has always been smooth. Never ran into any trouble. The kids were fantastics. I've found the trick to keep everything under control was to be friendly with everyone and never try to boss anyone. Overall it was a great experience. But now I'm missing the good old days... Sniff, Sniff ;-C

  2. Wow you were a very responsible student Rishi, for taking all these responsibilities. I guess the kids were great with you cause you were not so authoritative. It's nice to be able to control them, while at the same time making them feel independent!

  3. appiyer soffer, pa guet fam ;)

  4. appiyer soffer, pa bat bis!

  5. i am glad you have enjoyed yourself. ;)
    appiyer soffer pas dormi. good good memories

  6. That tiger is beautiful. I remember the old outing days. I was in primary school. And they would put three of us on two-place seats.

  7. zeleve f1 kel ecole ca ... :P yeah i love tigers ... i saw one in a safari but couldnt approach it ... lol i was in my uncles car and we were forced to keep the windows shut