Thursday, 4 June 2009

Potential Dengue Fever alert

I learnt today by going through this post that a few cases (around 8) of Dengue fever might have been recorded in Mauritius.

The tiger mosquito strikes again

The Dengue fever is caused by the same tiger mosquito which brought the Chikungunya fever back in 2006.

In this case the same precautionary measures as those put in place in times of Chikungunya apply; including the use of mosquito repellents(sprays, coils and bracelets), preventing the accumulation of water in the immediate environment or the use of lemongrass (citronelle) or products derived from this plant as a means to keep mosquitoes away.

Image from Lemongrass World

I really hope you take up all your precautions dudettes and dudes especially if the reported cases are confirmed as really being of Dengue fever after the official report is received from South Africa in about 3 days. As per what I read, the symptoms of Dengue fever would be similar to those of Chikungunya. Having experienced the Chikungunya fever in 2006, I can tell you it was not even slightly pleasant.

Update (12/06/09): 229 dengue patients have been registered in Mauritius so far. It has been confirmed that it is a benign form of the Dengue Fever.

The Mauritian population is advised to take good care and to repel mosquitoes to its best.


  1. bloggers doing their jobs as usual. thumbs up. we hope it is not as widespread as the chik

  2. @ Yannick, did you have the chikungunya as well? Was terrible, huh?

  3. wiv a warm winter like this it is not a surprise. be careful everyone. :)

  4. damn damn damn! i really hope its not dengue fever :/

  5. I'm just goint to copy my comment from the other post:

    Never got Chikungunya, but I've heard it's painful.

    Damn I hate those tiger mosquitos. They are pests and they bring all kinds of diseases.

  6. thanks for the small advertising :)
    pa blier, pi li avan li pik ou

  7. @ Bhavna, yeah we must be careful.

    @ Rooch, de toute maniere c 1 form benigne de sa maladie la sa. :)

    @ Jev, yeah those tiger mosquitoes are pests.

    @ Alomoris, dans ca cas la c'est plutot touy li avant li pik ou! hihi

  8. The doc says i present symptoms of dengue fever.. All i can say is zat its really painful..fever, break - bone, pain in joints acute headache.. All i pray is zat u dudes don't get it... Am having bed rest n painkillers.. N mind u wherever u reside it can happen.. Better play safe

  9. @ Anonymous, I wish you well. Do get some good rest.

  10. Thx Morrin, be safe all of u. And keep in mind mosquitoes r everywhere ..keep well.