Sunday, 21 June 2009

Some kind of music weekend

Our music weekend was dead simple, it consisted of food, 2 days out with Jazzie, the beach and Machine Head out loud. Damn! Machine Head has got to be our fave band! We kind of get addicted to it on and off.

Cam-whoring, I don't know why Jevin is laughing out loud in the background. :S

Wonder what he's thinking about, might be a big burger. ^o)

Food consisted of muffins and some sort of toasted cheese and butter sandwich which were really quick to make and tasted lovely even after riding with us for hours.

The muffins

The sandwiches

When I got home I treated myself to some good ole Metallica and again some Machine Head, just to end this music weekend beautifully.

P.S: I know it sounds weird, but I watched Miley Cyrus' Berlin concert last night on TV and that girl is really talented! She gives so much of herself on stage, its quite a deal! To think that people were comparing her voice to that of Avril Lavigne... Avril Lavigne is totally eww. At the beginning of this year I was browsing MCM and there was a sort of Acoustic/unplugged (whatever, who gives a damn) concert of Avril Lavigne and she was seated like some sort of badly-haired princess, singing her lame songs and forgetting half of the lyrics. Damn! That day I lost all of the respect I might have had for her.

Ah dudettes and dudes and my musical aliens, I hope you had a great music day. I'm off for some TV watching.


  1. Machine Head all the way...

    I don't remember why I was laughing on that first pic. :S On the second pic, I was definitely thinking of a big burger. Hahaha

    I loved the sandwiches. They were good. Could do with more pepper next time.

  2. Jev, I thought you abhorred spicy food, that's why I did not pepper it so much. I love peppering! LOL!

  3. Muffin with toasted cheese? Hope the muffin was a salted one and not a strawberry filled one. ;-)

  4. Well, I'm addicted to the Devin Townsend Project's "ki" for about one week now...

  5. @ Rishi, it was not muffins with toasted cheese. It was muffins AND toasted cheese sandwiches. :p It was not together as a single food, they were eaten separately.

  6. @ Sachin, I find Devin Townsend's decision to quit drugs and alcohol loadable. I have yet to listen to Ki.

  7. brat is brat. posers.

  8. @morinn, I think you've mixed up Devin Townsend (Strapping Yound Lad, Devin Townsend Band) and Pete Townsend (drug/alcohol addicted and brain f**ked leader of the Babyshambles :-) ).

  9. ok now, avril lavigne, myley cyrus, metallica and machine head altogether in the same post, morinn, come back to us.

  10. @ Anonymous, duh! :D

    @ Sachin, damn I thought it was Devin Townsend who's quit cigs and alcohol. I must have messed up what I read in my mind. Haha!

    @ Keli, damn, Miley Cyrus must have messed up my mind. lol!