Friday, 19 June 2009

Suggestions for a next bloggers meeting...

Anyone in for a next bloggers meeting?

Let's go back a little in time...

The previous bloggers meeting was held at Mc Donalds, Port Louis, on Saturday March 14 this year and the event was promising, to say the least. Around 25 bloggers were present and we all shared some nice moment, though we lacked time to get to know each other more.

Another meeting was supposed to be held during university vacations and here we are, in mid university holidays and it's high time to start rolling and planning the next meeting.

I don't know about you dudettes and dudes, but I am as enthusiastic as for the previous meeting 'cause there are some stuff that I'd like to do for the next one. For instance, I would like to:
Be a little more talkative.
Get to know more about everyone present
Get there on time! :p

Coming back to the next bloggers meeting, Yashvin has proposed that we come up with suggestions about the venue. As per what he added in the comments below;

1. First of all, we should find a place to hold the meeting, which should be easily accessible and convenient to most of us.

2. If ever that place has to be paid for, we must take into consideration that most of us are students.

So I would invite you all to voice out any suggestions freely. :)

Regarding the date of the next meeting, it has not yet been set. But it will most probably be once again held on a Saturday to fit the schedule of those of us who are working, have school or are on training or placements.

We sincerely hope to hear some positive responses from you blogging dudettes and dudes. ;)

For any suggestions or queries, my email address is contact @

To know more about the previous meeting: First Bloggers' Meeting 2009, Promising


  1. Looking forward to this...

    Since the last time some people wanted to go to Pizza Hut instead of McDo, I propose Pizza Hut as venue.

  2. Finally, the post here is... for the most awaited event which Jevin, Morinn and myself started to plan and was scheduled for end of April, but unfortunately, due to some constraints, we were not able to make it.

    Anyway, we are going to do it now with your support!

    I wish to say a few additional points :

    1. First of all, we should find a place to hold the meeting, which should be easily accessible and convenient to most of us.

    2. If ever that place has to be paid for, we must take into consideration that most of us are students.

    In fact, while trying to organise the event for April, we came up with some issues. We had a nice location in Port Louis (a restaurant with its meeting room) for the meeting followed by a lunch.

    However, we then realised that perhaps not all of us would be joining in for the lunch and in that case, this gonna be a problem for the number of heads which would be allowed into the meeting room...

    Also, we would like to do something more formal this time.. A bit more organised (with no need to look for and join chairs and tables to make the longest table ever in Mac Do :P)

    So, I would request all of you to come up with some nice suggestions about (1)Where and (2)On which day (Preferably a saturday).

    Thanks dear bloggers!

  3. D'oh! Why am I not on the island? Hope that one day I'll be able to participate in these meetings. Eerrrr... Have you thought about that pizza place you've mentioned earlier? Can be a good venue. Speak to the owner, you might get a group discount for bringing in so many people.

  4. i would be happy to participate (as long as there's food involved!)...but im coming back 'home' on the first week of july...hope i can still make it

  5. @ Rishi, the place would have been awesome, but it's not easily accessible to everyone of us, that's the drawback.

    @ Umar, first week of July sounds good. I think till we plan it all we might reach July. :)
    Hope you'll be able to come!

  6. Meeting of bloggers sounds great!! Hope you have a really wonderful time to get to know each other better. Sorry to miss out on this. Am from sunny Malaysia:)

  7. 1. I propose KFC Cathedrale(don't tell me you didn't expect that one!). It's larger than McDo, most people know where it's situated and we'll be graced by the presence of Colonel Sanders. ;P

    2. carrot HAS to be present. Everyone was looking for him last time =]

    3. I think I'll be free in the 1st week of July, but it'll be in the middle of my exams. :( Just notify me some days in advance :)

    4. I'll leave that to the other bloggers :P

  8. KFC cathedral! thumbs up! but i dnt think we'l be able to make any "activities" there...

    i'd propose the beach.. for activities.. we could make it way more intersting... at kfc cathedral.. the chairs cant be move.. that will be a problem.

    but i still want the kfc.. :P

    yeah.. the carrot has to be present..

  9. @sjdvda @sun
    Since it's holidays time, I'll be mostly free these days! :P

    KFC... o_O

  10. Hehe! Carrot has to be present, that's for sure! :p

    The beach sounds like an appealing idea for now as everyone can bring in their favourite food or kfc. lol

    And it would be better suited for activities.

    Nav has proposed some team building activities on Yashvin's blog and I think it's a really good idea.

    A meeting with a meaning: “Global Warming: It won’t stop us buidling our castles” (that would be fitting given global concerns surrounding global warming, and the impact on tourism perhaps, in Mauritius)

    Don't know what you guys will say...

  11. way to go bloggers.
    am outta this game, am a twitterer now. ;p
    moi mo ti pou dir zot zwen reduit, its like in the middle of the island donk i suppose its accessible to you guys plus u dont have to book a room or tables or whatever. koi ke the beach osi pa mal :)


  12. @ Rooch, reduit is good, but bizin gagne 1 place corek, genre lecture theatre sipakoi ek bizin fr bne demarse. I dont know if we'll manage to do it there.
    The beach corek, akoz pena pou book narien, li en plein air ek nu pou kapav organise bne activiter.

    @ Josh, great! :D looking forward to seeing you!

  13. Maybe you guys can meet at the beach? Play some gaves, swim, tan etc... oh but it's winter right now eh.

  14. Well I won't be here once again but great idea from Nav!

  15. @ Carine, I think we'll go for the beach, even though it's winter. It's always warm at the beach! ^^

    @ Sachin, I think you'll manage to catch up with at least one of those meetings one of these days. If the future meetings go fine, we'll keep on doing it! :p