Saturday, 6 June 2009

Damn expo

Today Jev and I went to the Orange Expo at the Swami Vivekananda Conference Centre, Pailles. We did not plan to go there before; it's just that today we had nothing else planned.

I did not want to say anything negative about the expo (yeah really) but I'll be lying if I said I had a good time.

In fact, nothing really caught my attention at the expo, except the bimbos they hired to look after inquisitive persons, I wonder where they got them from. Ah and the flowers and plants looked genuine (except the fake grass). I think Orange really put a lot of effort in buying real flowers and plants for that expo or were they taken from the natural places nearby?

Anyway as I'm talking about the girls and flowers it must be quite clear that the purpose of the expo itself did not strike me much, unless if you consider the Orange sitara singer who was screaming at the top of this voice to an Atif Aslam song. That was enough to make us leave. I wanted to take some flowers in the process but I was so much in a hurry and so scared to lose my precious ears, you see.

Ah dudettes and dudes, you must be thinking that my day had been a total waste, but not quite, not quite. I killed a damn tiger mosquito today and that freaking cheered me up.

Anyway dudettes and dudes, did you attend the expo or were you about to do it tomorrow and now have doubts about it because of my post? Do let me know...


  1. Stupid tiger mosquito. Good for you! Hah

    Yeah the expo was bad. Nothing of interest. On the plus side, its nice that they are finally bringing new products over here, like the wifi radio, the wifi relay small version and the wifi relay badass version.

    Had a bad time, bad sushies and a bad headache.

  2. Jev, yeah you enjoyed the radios a lot huh? But I think putting them in a house would imply too much orange in a house and that kind of freaks me out.

  3. lol it's funny. i mean i love the sarcasm. what more to expect from orange. better stay at home and enjoy the weekend

  4. Steff, lol, i think some people might actually enjoy the expo. :) This is just my personal experience. If you got an invitation, think you should go for it! That way you can say you've been there, even if it wasnt worthwhile.

  5. went there with friends from uni yesterday and well, +1 for the wi-fi radio and relays, though yeah, quite deceiving as compared with the brochure i'd say lol :) (ended up in a short CS match between us and then direction maison) lol

    failed to impress once more, i guess an orange will still be an orange no matter what :P

  6. @ Kyu, glad to hear from you! :D
    Yeah I guess the relays managed to please some people. Did you see the stinking mascot? Hihi. It was a guy dressed in a mickey mouse or something like that disguise and it really stunk. :S

  7. Thanks for the blogger's review! Gosh, that saved me a post :P lol

    Finally, I will not waste part of my sunday as planned!

    Morinn, the mosquito killer o_O?

  8. A waste of time as I had blogged.

    For the Wifi radio, the connection broke down & it stopped working. The Orange employees didn't have a clue what to do... so I didn't get to check it out. :)

  9. LOL! I enjoyed the photo with the Cash & Carry Banner where the guy is throwing his daughter in the air... Orange expo is just the place to do it :-D !

  10. ha! actually when i entered, first things i saw was the clown thingy, and the mascot, so i was totally like "where the frak did i land now?" ha! :D

    enfin, yeah, felt like a lost day but it might be interesting for some people (though i'd like to hear what they could find "that" interesting :P)

  11. total waste really. they are just promoting (or rather selling) their product Only!! (that too the stuffs that are not really selling)

    i however had a good time there (lol) i really enjoyed to ridicule them.
    my first victim was the iphone stand. they were promoting a flop iphone to me. from rs24,000 to Rs17,000. hah. i told them my phone is better than this! they argued it has music n can install progs etc. which my laptop usually does. lastly they said it has a 'level' in it - to measure horizontal things, like if you buildin a cupboard. that got me to really LOL.! i will use an iphone for.. a level? i told them, i'd rather leave buildin a cupboard to the carpenter. the poor carpenter might be jobless else.
    too lazy to write about the other victims, but this one was best victim! lol

  12. Ahhh, I'm so glad my mom and I decided not to go after all, even though we had free tickets. xD

  13. @ Yashvin, did you really not go there afterall? :D Yeah I kill mosquitoes now. Trying to prevent the Dengue fever! hihi

    @ Carrotmadman, as usual orange employees are clueless about how to handle situations! XD

    @ Sachin, hihi, at least the father and child had a nice time at the expo :p

  14. @ Kyu, damn where the hell did the get the mascot and the clown?! I fail to understand why they were even there and how they were related to the expo. lol! For kids maybe? :p

    @ Yudz, hehe, i did not know how much sales they made because of the expo, but one thing's for sure, it was not much. A lot of people were simply there to watch and had no intention of buying.

    Haha! using an iphone as a level? that's the most freaking funny advert argument I have ever heard!

    @ Nussaibah, lol, I wonder why they put in paid tickets when they giving out free tickets everywhere. Does not seem logical! :p

  15. my own 2 cent guess for the purpose of the paid tickets: to trigger a psychological effect, you know, like "hey, normally we should have paid for this but i've got free tickets!! so why not go anyway, it won't cost me a thing"

    /me stops the pathetic attempt to think like a marketing psychologist :P

  16. @Morinn : Nops, didnt go there lol!
    Did not want to waste my time :P

    @Yudz : Lolz!

  17. ahhh i did not go! i saw mannnnnny manyyyyy pictures at work ^^ so its as if i go :p

  18. Nothing good there except the free wifi (though it was fraking slow) and the booth chicks :P it should be renamed now..Oranged expo :D