Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tracking your own life?

Recently I have developed an obsession for my teeth. I don't know when this has started and I wanted to find out. So I typed "tooth" in the searchbox on this blog's navbar above and got quite a few posts in response and I started reading them.

I was greatly surprised by some of the stuff I read. I could not even remember that I had actually written those posts plus they reminded me of events and incidents I had totally zapped from my memory (not intentionally).

When I first started blogging, I always thought that there would be a time when I'll be reading my old posts and be amazed by whatever has happened in my life. I guess this time has started pointing its wicked nose. :p

So dudettes and dudes, have you ever gone through your blog's archives and discovered stuff you had forgotten about?


  1. i used to swear a lot in my entries...
    that's what i've found when i re-read my archives!
    i guess i used to have lotsa angst in me before! lol...

    if i forget about some important stuff that has happened to me, i'll go through my archives!
    if i want to refresh my memory about how i used to mod my pics, i'll go through my archives! :)

    btw, have you noticed: at the moment bing doesn't seem to list Mauritius Blog Tracker or even Brethren!!! really shocking! or to be expected from a Microsoft search engine? :P

  2. by important stuff: i mean anything i have done with my friends or some cool/ crazy stuff i have been doing (e.g. sky-diving!!! :D )

  3. I read my old posts very often, by going thought the archives or 'related posts'.

    It is amazing to rediscover things you wrote 1 or 2 years ago, and perhaps by then, you point of view has changed on the matter.

    My fav posts are those of my uni days :P

  4. @ Waz, hehe I used to swear a lot too in my past posts. Reading back those posts I found the energy I was putting in them awesome, but I guess I could never write like that again. Gettin' old perhaps!
    Hehe! Skydiving and hanging out with pals are truly important. My important events included friends a great deal too.

    Argh Bing. I wonder how they got that name. From Friend's Chandler perhaps? And the mill design! OMG. No wonder it's not performing as any real search engine. (Even though Chandler Bing is one of the awesomest TV guy I know :p )

  5. @ Yashvin, yeah I noticed that too. Sometimes your point of view changes throughout the years. Or sometimes you see that you wanted something some years ago which you now have. And looking back in those posts really bring up emotions sometimes, like moments spent with friends! :D

    Ah this makes me nostalgic!

  6. i dont read my old stuffs :p (may be sometime i will do it but now its like as if old post disappears when i write new ones hinhin)

  7. @ Jess, hehe, des fois vaut mieux ne pas trop deterrer le passe. :p

  8. yeah before i was more in these tutorials thingies and got more views! :P

  9. @ Joyshan, well yeah "how to" posts get more view. Guess people need em more. :p

  10. In fact, when you read your previous posts, you see your weak points.

    When I look back on lines of code I wrote 6 months back, I can clearly see my progress. Its very boring for me to look at things I have already done, but its great help.

  11. Sometimes I read my old posts. Some posts I've written still amaze me today... ya know, like "wow I wrote such nice stuff? :o " Hahaha! *kidding* But definitely there's some posts that I read and ask myself how on earth I could have written such stupid things. LOL!