Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The week has just started.

After the hectic wedding weekend (a close cousin got married), it seems that the week has now started. I'm readily welcoming the normal clothes, normal eating habit and normal smile all over again. Like one of my aunts said yesterday "no more of these disguises".

You see the thing about almost all social events where you get to meet all kind of people is that you can't always be yourself.

First it's because of the fancy clothes. Unless you are someone who dresses up "bling-bling" everyday, you won't feel at ease wearing clothes you normally wear to weddings.

Then comes the food... Oh my! Sometimes it's so delicious that you actually forget you've got only one stomach and that the one stomach can get upset with the spicy and oily food you've put in it.

And finally it's the smile, the smile you gotta permanently plaster on your face 'cause most of the time you won't be hearing a damn thing from what someone is trying to tell you, 'cause of the loud music, so you gotta smile to show that your friendly.

So all these will be over today and I hope someone else does not get married anytime soon. The wedding was awesome fun but oh so tiring!


  1. briani lors feuil banane? :O wowwww i loveee this and also traditional marriage ^^.

  2. Ouch, I'm gonna have to practice my smile =P I'm sure you are glad this is all over, I will be when my wedding spree is =)

  3. @ Jess, yeah, the briani was really goooddd!! The good part is that we brought lots of it home when the wedding was over! Hihi!

    @ Nussaibah, good luck for the wedding!! Hope it's not too tiring! :D Enjoy yourself to the max!

  4. I miss 7 cari!! What I wouldn't give right now just to eat some 'ti larou and takkar'?! :(

    My week just flies by...even though I ain't working...tcha! lol

  5. Hahaha I know how you feel when you have to constantly smile to someone just because you can't hear a damn thing. :S I feel like "hey am I the only one to find the music wayy too loud??" Hahaha