Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Winter Blooms

Winters are far from being harsh in Mauritius. However they do bring in their toll of fallen leaves and dying summer plants.

This winter brought in 2 major flower-surprises to me. The first one is this yellow flower below whose name I don't know (but I'm looking for).

The second one is this dark red Gerberra which looked dead in summer and which got back its beauty as winter crawled in.

The garden now looks a little more colourful, in addition to the Geraniums which have not yet stopped blossoming.

This weird plant below is a wild pale purple flower which is growing on the wall just below my room. It is great to wake up in the morning and be greeted by them. However, I think my mum will have them cut in the weekend as she hates wild flowers.

Last, but not least, is the cotton plant which grows in the rest of our untamed property, where my mother lets wild things grow. This plant is definitely one of my favourite as it reminds me of the time when we first came to live in our house and how mesmerising I found this plant.

Cotton plants last a long time and they are incredible in dried plants arrangements. So if you live in Mauritius and are looking for cotton plants, you know where to look for them. I'll be willing to share. ;)

By the way, before opening up fully, a cotton flower looks like this:

I'm searching in my image gallery for a fully opened cotton flower. So I'll be updating this post soon. ;)

See ya dudettes and dudes and my winter flower-loving aliens.


  1. Great pictures. The grass looks healthy. ;)

  2. i loveeee your garden! u should see mine, apart fouger ek l'herbe, narnien pas pouC. grr!

  3. Hi thanks for the lovely blooms. The last pic looks 'cottony'. May I know the name.

  4. @ Jev, yeah they usually keep fit in winter! :D

    @ Rooch, there are some flowers who are real divas and who just wont grow. I have had loads of bad experience with those before! Freaking flowers!

    @ Keats, in fact it's called the cotton plant. I don't know if it's the real cotton plant though.

  5. @ Keats, I just googled "cotton plant" and this sure as hell looks like the real cotton plant! :D

  6. You have gerberra in your garden? Gerberras are one of my fave flowers! Once I bought some gerberra seeds and planted them in my garden. But they never bloomed :(

  7. @ Angele, yep, that's the very first Gerberra that has grown in my garden. I had tried the seeds before, it didn't work. Then I bought the plant itself and thought it had dried. Then some weeks ago it gained a little energy and gave this flower! :D I was really surprised.

  8. i love gerberras too. it is nice to grow it at home as it is quite expensive in flower shops.

  9. Wow I never knew that cotton plants looked like this before opening up.