Sunday, 12 July 2009

Awesome is the word - Second bloggers meeting

We wanted to carry out outdoor activities among bloggers and friends and oh yeah we did it yesterday on the 11th July 2009, which is going to be a truly memorable day to me. You might notice the word "awesome" a lot in this post, 'cause that's really the word that can truly describe the day.

First off, the event would not have been awesome without the people who were present yesterday.
So a really big thanks to all the dudettes and dudes who made it there! It was simply great! I really spent an awesome time and the day was full of laughter and great memories!

Then there were the awesome activities that kept us having fun:

The pierced bottle game

The flying Disc

I keep laughing at the funny faces and postures people made when sending and trying to catch the discs! Those were beautifully caught on the various shots!


Reena and her husband were experts at this for playing it almost everyday. Saajid kept forgetting his turn but he made us listen to some awesome Metallica while playing uno. Hehe... Sun almost always had the heavy cards at the end of a round and I could see all of Jev's card throughout the game! Haha!

The treasure hunt

The treasure hunt is my pride 'cause I organised 50% of it. (The treasure hunt clues have been blogged about by not-jevin).
Some notable moments of the treasure hunt were when Sun dipped into the water to fetch the second clue.

Then Dakshinee got the third one by digging the sand.

Saajid and Ashesh could have got the fourth clue right from the start when they found its hideout but they discarded it thinking that it was a dalpuri wrap in a plastic bag.

Finally, after a palpitating hunt, Sun and Yashvin's team won the treasure chest.

Reena and her husband won some cookies, the consolation prize for having been so close to finding the chest and they shared it among all of us.
As per Reena, the cookies were more useful to her than a domain name, the first prize. LOL. I made the cookies by the way.


The handprints banner

Reena really showed great talent in doing the wordings for this banner! And we all showed our great talent by placing our hand prints on the banner! It was an awesome water-color moment.

On the overall the day was, yeah you've guessed the word, AWESOME!! I've made some new friends and I'm really happy we all bonded so well despite being complete strangers some months ago.

So the big question now is: Where and When is the next bloggers meeting?

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Dudettes and dudes, I truly hope we're in a greater number the next time. The more, the merrier!


  1. Awesome is the word indeed.

    I had great fun yesterday. Waiting for the next event. It's got to be bigger!!!!

  2. Hehe! I just can't wait too! I wish we could organise something like that every week! lol

  3. wow that looks awesome!!!
    and to see the amount of time and effort you devoted for it to be a complete success is awesome!
    i'm awesomely charmed and next time do count me in :)

  4. The next time, I will be at the 2nd place, koz the cookies were really nice!

    The big question... we need to have a final answer asap :P

    Eager for the next one!

  5. You had a great time over there. I'm so p*ssed! Man, there's no blogger community where I live. Maybe someday I'll just take a plane ticket just to attend those meetings. :-D

  6. hey gr8 party..loks like u all had a lot of fun....

  7. :( I can comment on opera ... pfff dunno what's happening with blogger commentds ... yes you seemed to have fun :)

  8. hello :O toppp netttt ^^ it seems that you all have a great time :)

  9. Keli, I'm so glad you're willing to come next time! Hehe! It's gonna be awesome. En plus pou ena Ramen tou sa. La derniere fois ti ariv 1 truc mari comik entre Ramen et Jevin. LOL

  10. @ Yashvin, yeah we'll have to "remettre la machine en marche" soon! :D

    @ Sachin, it's gonna be awesome if you could come to one of those!!

    @ naomi jane, it was really fun! Yup! :D

    @ Bruno, hehe, it was awesome fun.

    @ Joyshan, next one will probably be during school holidays. You won't have any reasons to miss it. :D

    @ Jess, yes, c'etait super!!

  11. I think the one who really had his day was Michel for he was able to swim! lol!

    Am all set for the 3rd bloggers' meeting. Just let me know the time and place (accessible with my physical condition) and I'll be there with a handy swimmer in case :)

  12. Nice photos! Looks like you all had fun. :D

    Never heard of this 'pierced bottle game' before.