Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Bloggers Event - We're almost there

3 days and some hours are left until the 11th July Bloggers Event. Are you as thrilled as I am? :p

Some information regarding the event:
Date: Saturday 11th July 2009
Time: Between 10:00 a.m till about 5 in the afternoon.
Venue: Flic en Flac public beach.

To aid us in finding the exact spot where will be meeting, follow Yashvin's image below:
We will be meeting at the beach opposite Restaurant de L'Ouest and Manisa Hotel.

Contact numbers: 761-9045 or 797-2369

Do save the numbers right away and contact us once you reach there on that day.

You might also mail on contact@morinnbuzz.com (as usual :p) to get more information or visit the event's Facebook page.

The activities organised on that day will be, as previously mentioned, the treasure hunt, beach soccer, beach volley and some other outdoor activities.

I would somehow make an appeal to all those who own a football to bring it on day. It would be really helpful. :)

Last but not least, we still have 2 free places with us to go to Flic en Flac on the 11th of July. We will be setting out from Goodlands passing by Petit Raffray via Port-Louis to Flic en Flac. So if you live in those regions do contact us. I wish to add that we might look scary but we are not (OK, just a little bit :p), so it's safe to ride with us. Sun is the only one who is willing to take that risk so far. Hehe.


  1. lol @ "we might look scary but we are not (OK, just a little bit :p)"

    have fun!

  2. :) this is the one I will miss :(

  3. I hope that none get lost in Flic en Flac :P

  4. :D im not scared..

    i wish there was a KFC near flic en flac...............

  5. @ Waz, thanks! :D

    @ Bruno, there'll be next times. And anytime you come around we'll organise one!

    @ Yashvin, hehe, pou faire chasse au tresor pou rod bane kine lost la lerla.

    @ Sun, I'm sure some will be bringing their KFCs even though it's gonna be cold.

  6. Yeah can't wait for that day...

    2 places left people. Give us a shout...

  7. cool..since mo pou dan environ Manisa hotel meme..xD

  8. @ Tushal, to kav check bane dimoune ki p vini depi lotel mem XD

  9. i hope nobody was lost on their way :)

    looking forward to attending the 3rd meeting then :p

    keep me posted :p