Monday, 6 July 2009

Learning to fly - SCAR

My crush of the month is back after more than one year of absence. It's not that I've stopped listening to good music for all this time, it's just that I could not get myself to post about the songs I've been discovering and liking. But today, dudettes and dudes, is different. Today I've got to pay a tribute to SCAR, the band. I'll even add SCAR, the Mauritian band. Hehe, 'cause yeah, this band is from Mauritius. Now, how cool is that?

The first song that I've listened to from SCAR, a couple of years ago, was Learning To Fly from the album Neutralizers and believe me, this song really touched me. I don't know if it's the vocals of Olivier Alcide, the guitar riffs or a combination of both that confirmed the fact that this song will remain truly memorable to me. Plus I had a predisposition to like it since I almost always appreciate the job of Mauritian rock musicians. Hehe.

SCAR live at Underground in 2000

I'll let you guys judge by having a look at the lyrics...

Verse 1:
Where goes my heart? From where comes my dreams? Maybe its time to find.
Simply to know, simply to feel what's going through my mind
Saying what I feel, has always been so hard for me
So help me, help me please to get out of here

Learning to fly and cross out the skies is all, I'm asking for
I got to try to fly and reach out the stars

Verse 2:
Set out again on that dark road, nothing seems to be easy
What life reserves me, I really don't know, I just got to make my way
Maybe I was a fool to believe that I could succeed
So tell me, tell me what is going through me

Learning to fly and cross out the skies is all, I'm asking for
I got to try to fly and reach out the stars

Post Chorus:
Learning, learning to fly, to cross the skies, Gotta make you want to go
Up with me, deep in your heart and make your dreams become so real and so true,
Gotta make you want to go again, so just close your eyes and come on with me...

If you wanna hear the song, download it from my googlepages and let me know how you found it.

You might also feel like visiting SCAR's Facebook page to get more information on the band and to listen to some of their songs. Yeah! \m/

Pictures borrowed from SCAR's Facebook page.


  1. Ahh SCAR... What a band. I met some of the band members. Never met Oliver though. The guy was a total inspiration for me...

    You should read the lyrics from Survivors. Worth a read.

  2. Jev, yup you told me about Survivors. It's really worth a listen and a read! :D

  3. SCAR? never heard of em ... I listen only to classical music and ... michael jackson these days

  4. Classical and Micheal Jackson? It's quite clear that you would not have heard of SCAR. Haha!

  5. Wiii.
    Mo rapel ti aste zot cassette deux trois lanee de ca. C'etait pou encourage zot.Ti vraiment worth the money cause en plus dan pochette la ti ena ban bonus items. Et sa lepok la to fini par content tou ban sante la(to rapel cassete kot to pa cav choisir sante :D )

  6. Elo pipo! Yup ti 1 veritab la peine kan to envie change santer lor cassette! hihi!