Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Mauritian Bloggers Event: Flic en Flac

bloggers meeting banner

Only 10 days remain before the bloggers meeting.This time it's going to be at the Flic en Flac public beach on the 11th July starting at 10 a.m. This event is open, so that bloggers can bring in their friends and even relatives. If you seek more details or wish to confirm whether you will be coming, please visit the event's Facebook page or send me a mail at contact

As Yashvin has said in this blog post for the event, the proposed activities for that day are Treasure Hunt, Beach Volley, Tug of war, Beach Soccer among others...

We are indeed very eager to announce that the Treasure Hunt is going to be sponsored by NEMESYS LTD, which is a Mauritian company specialising in affordable domain names, web hosting, SSL certificates, web design, and online marketing services.

The content of the treasure case is still a surprise for now. Secrets secrets! :D

So dudettes and dudes, I really hope we will be in great number at Flic en Flac on the 11th. I'm so totally looking forward to that day! :D

P.S: We have 2 free places with us, so we can give a ride to those residing at Goodlands, Petit Raffray or Port Louis. Just send an email on the address above.

Nemesys Ltd did not sponsor our treasure hunt as they felt that we should have complied to certain conditions, which was not possible for us to do


  1. Yes 2 places still available with us.

    Can't wait for the day...

  2. Hey, its great to have a sponsor for your meeting! I'm really at a loss here, feeling a bit lonely in the blogging world because all of you guys will be having fun there.

    Thinking about it; Morinn would you like to do a guest post on the mauritian meetings in French on my blog?

  3. It would be a real pleasure to do a guest post on your blog Sachin! :D Once the event is over I could write about it.

  4. how about a free air-ticket so i can join as well!?! :P

  5. June 11th? o.O I think you meant 11th July here. Hehe

  6. yeah.. thats JULY..

    GREAT NEWS!! Beach Soccer! wooho! :D:D
    I live at port louis(near simer-nef).. i could book the ride! :P oblizer send email la?

  7. @ Waz, damn I wish we had that kind of sponsor! :D

    @ Angele, hehe, that's the first time I'm noticing the typo in the picture. lol!

  8. @ Sun, non, pa oblizer, acoz nune fini count you in. Essaye rod enkor 2 dimune :P
    To zis bizin faire nou coner cotsa to pou atane nou le jour-j! :D

  9. @morinn, will send u a satellite image of the location using Gmaps. u cant miss it. :P

  10. @ Sun, this sounds like a treasure hunt already! :p

  11. I wont be in mu :( will missthat one again :(

  12. Awww, it sounds so much fun. It's a pity I won't be able to come.

  13. I'll try my best to be there this time but not before noon. I missed the first meeting, I hope not this one, sounds so fun. ;)

  14. @ Bruno, there'll be next times! :D

    @ B-Razen, yeah it's gonna be fun. ;)

    @ Nussaibah, awww... :(

    @ Rubeina, I hope you do come too. It's gonna be really fun! :D

  15. shall be there as usual. Probably nitin shall be there also.