Thursday, 2 July 2009

No Desperate Housewives for tonight.

Desperate Housewives Banner
I know it's not the end of the world that season 5 of Desperate Housewives is over on Canal+. But hell, I've been spending so many Thursday nights during the past months watching this show that I feel kind of empty now. I know this kind of relationship with a TV show is totally insane. I gotta get a hold of myself and most importantly I gotta find a good show to watch tonight between 20h and 21h30. Hehe.

Totally unrelated, today I baked the Nth banana pie of this year. I don't even want to count how much I have baked so far but one thing's for sure, I don't wanna taste or even hear about banana pies for now. Urgh!

Banana Pie

Anyway dudettes and dudes, I gotta go. It's TV time already. So long!

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P.S: I totally love this Desperate Housewives teaser video


  1. You really like Desperate Housewives huh... I think Wisteria Lane is a fantastic place to be.

  2. Thats desperate, i suffered from it when 24 was over, but a rapidshare account cured me :P I downloaded the next seasons ;)

  3. @ Jev, hehe, I would have loved to live in Wisteria Lane. :P

    @ Joyshan, sadly, the next season of DH is not out yet. :(

  4. I would love to live there to. That's one wicked cul de sac. :P

  5. Check out and get addicted to Heroes and Prison Break in the meantime! :)

  6. Maybe you should send the pies here :P I haven't had a banana pie in years...

  7. i didn't watch the season finale :( only 2 episodes left. i must look for it on divx tho' as i have only 5 episodes for season 5..

    was watching on canal + on thursday nights too lol :p

    miss those ladies sometimes :p