Friday, 3 July 2009

PAWS Anti Tick and Flea Treatment

PAWS Anti Tick and Flea Treatment is a new home service that PAWS will be offering.

We come to your house to treat your dogs as well as its environment against external parasites, on appointment.

Unlike the sterilisation services, this one is not free, which is really understandable, since it requires individual treatments.

The prices are as follows:

Rs 1250 for treatment of 1 dog + spray on a maximum 100 square metre garden (including dog bedding).

+ Rs 100 per additional dog

For 2 dogs: Rs 1,350 per treatment (dogs and environment)

For 3 dogs: Rs 1,450 per treatment (dogs and environment)

For 4 dogs: Rs 1,550 per treatment (dogs and environment)

and so on...

If you want to give your dog a nice little treat, that's one of the things to go for! You can contact PAWS by visiting their webpage.

Or you might like me, have opted for an effective DIY way for several years now. It's quite funny to see those little insects take the dip and never come back. :D I'm so cruel, I know.

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  1. Good going paws.

    I remember back when I had dogs, I would remove all of their ticks. Even in their ears. It was so ewww... And painful for the dog.

  2. wow i see change around. been a while :)
    wat about cats huh? i used to remove minou's
    fleas one by one when she was still a baby. god she hated that

  3. Nice post! its quite expensive the service though.
    better go for DIY..

  4. Very informative post. Thanks for sharing this great resource of anti-tick and flea treatment for our pets. I will surely check their website.

  5. I don't think using pesticide to kill fleas is a good idea. We should treat our pets the way we want to be treated. Do you want to put this chemicals in your body? Of course not. The best thing to do is to keep our environment clean and always make sure that our pets are taking supplements.