Friday, 17 July 2009

Slumber party - A quickie

While Jev's off camping with friends, I'm off slumber-partying. Got my pyjamas and homemade cakes ready. I am really looking forward to weird-tea tasting and cake eating.

I know Jev's party could be more awesome than mine (mainly 'cause of the booze) but I'm willing to have some awful fun tonight! Hehe! Yeah cakes and exotic teas can be quite fun if you're with the right persons. So I'll see ya'll on Sunday dudettes and dudes.

And oh by the way, I love it when people trespass prohibition banners (this one especially, does not make much sense):

Petit Raffray playground


  1. hahahahha bien commik lol :)

    weird I can comment from Firefox now :D cool :P

  2. Lol ... bien bouffon ban pano moris la seulement hein :D

    btw are you not mad about your bf boozing?

  3. 0hh yess booze please. : )
    wish u a great weekend.

  4. OHHHHHHH! The famous Petit Raffray playground :P

  5. so u are into quickies too :))) nothing better than a tea party, since im home i drink tea 3 times a day :-"

  6. Believe it nor not but I have never been to a slumber party before! o_O

  7. Everybody's into quickies nowadays! Umar and Morin should stop 'normalizing' the word quickie. I've always associated that word with sex...behind/against doors please!

    I'm a tea lover too. What types of cakes have you prepared? I'm having Tetley tea and Crix crackers right now! That's my lunch. As we say in Creole p garde ventre pou diner. lol.

    I think by the time you're reading this you'd be back home in your own bedroom. :) Hope you had fun slumber-partying :)

  8. @ Bruno, I'm not mad 'cause he does it only about twice a year with his friends. I feel that he deserves it.

    @ MoodyBoo, I associate it with sex too, that's why I'm so keen at using the word! Hehe!
    I'm prepared a plain honey cake that night and we've been tasting some green tea, some plain, some flavoured. I'm not too much of a fan though!

  9. Comments here about quickies are so funny. Haha.

    "I'm not mad 'cause he does it only about twice a year with his friends. I feel that he deserves it."

    OMG!!! Best girlfriend ever!!! Hah ;)

  10. @ Jev, you do realise that I was not serious in stating the above though? :p