Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Spam the spam

Today I woke up to a very bleak weather, the kind of weather that does not really contribute to cheering you up. So I decided to come up with activities that I could do for kicks in my own sweet maniacal way. And that's how I started to SPAM THE SPAM.

But mind you, Spam the spam is not to be taken lightly, you have to know who to spam. Don't go about spamming those people who are trying to sell you Viagra or Rolex watches. I'm not even sure those people actually check their mails. I mean they are busy guys, they don't have much time to waste like me and you. Either that or they are lifeless bots.

Anyway, my point is, if you want to spam the spam, choose People. I mean real people, not bots. My favourite playground for this is Blogcatalog. It always begins like this:

You get an email announcing that someone has added you as a friend. That is enough to trigger my curiosity since I am not a friendly person. So I check my mail.

Next I get a shout or private message as they call it and guess what? The person does not want to be my friend at all (not that it saddens me) and holds no interest in my blog (this tears me up) but instead wants to exchange links or make me visit his/her blog or make me subscribe to his/her blog by lamely complimenting my "excellent work". It's not that I want to be demeaning towards myself, but anyone who has read my blog would never qualify that as "excellent work".

So I sent a reply to the spammer to thank him/her for the astute opinion by saying stuff like "Wow, you are the only person who has loved my blog so far" etc... The point is to be creative with spammers. Model each of your replies to fit what they have said, that would be an effective practice of Spam the Spam.

Next is my favourite spammer, dear Miss H.R (I've been asked to remove her name here) from I have deliberately included her name here because she rocks and I wanted her to know it! I sent her about 4 e-mails in the past thanking her for her spam and asking her to stop it, but she never seems to get it and my inbox is often flooded by's "useful" education tips and packages. Today's spam mail was something related to SC and HSC exams.

And my reply was:

Those spammers are tough!

Update: News travels fast and the person behind has given his word that he will be reviewing his mailing list from 15000 to a little 3000. Ain't that a great action? Duh!


  1. I hate spams and bloody spammers but dunno why my Facebook Account has been blocked several times LoL :P
    By the way, spam rarely enters my Inbox but sometimes they manage to.Till date Akismet has blocked around 297 comments on my blog, so SPaMmers, it's useless to spam on blogs and send spam e-mails :P

  2. Bad fate for me, got a half completed draft bout them in my WP... They suck!! Affaik there a 2-3 such person including this one and guess what? they also spam on facebook XD

  3. Hahahhahaha .... yeah spam these $%"$%V :) but however I'd be careful with that education thingey ... dont forget they've got your email :P

  4. Hilarious post. I think if we all spammed the spammers back, the Internet would be better. Haha

    Glad you finally gave the name of the spammer. It's annoying when people send spam mails even when you opted not to.

    Btw that person added me too on blog catalog. But she did not talk about any exchange of links.

  5. @ Alomoris, you are lucky. I receive about 10 to 20 spam mails per day on my gmail. This is really annoying.

    @ Joyshan, yeah, they don't seem to get the hint. argh!

    @ Bruno, I know but I'm sick of their way of operating, like I mentioned in this post. That lecturer has created a mailist list out of the email addresses we gave him in class. That's not ethical. I prefer taking it lightly with humour though. If ever they have a problem with me posting their name and URL I'd be ready to remove it as long as they stop spamming me and my classmates. :p

    Jev, are you jealous of not having been spammed? Hihi

  6. I never get spammed... what up??!!!
    No, I actually manage my spams quite quickly with filters etc...

  7. I'm really enjoying my spams for now. :D

  8. lol! Great Job.

    @Wordpress Bloggers : Activate Askimet and don't forget to tick the option which will automatically disgard spams on old posts.

    @non-gmail users : I think its high time for you to move to gmail, koz the spam filtering is simply superb!

    @education sipa koi la :
    lol, You should always be polite and listen to your subscribers (if they really subscribed). its very bad to have a tag name of "Spammer" and get your site name published in a blog!

    @Morinn : Tomorrow you should phish the phishers or contact those Nigerian millionaires so that you can help them! Isn't that a great idea?

  9. It's not wise to mess with you, is it? :P

  10. wahahahaha yesssss spam them right back those motherspammers!
    i never get spam too, i guess i'm too unknown:)

  11. Oh girl you make me laugh! Nice strategy. I've closed down 4-6 email accounts because of spammers. I just didn't have the courage to go and delete them all. I'm not an email person. Even my mum complains that I don't send her any mail. Right now I'm making sure I'm weeding out my inbox before it gets out of hand.

    You should attack the Nigerians next, like Yashvin suggested.

    Keep up the good work :)

  12. i know the lecturer and i see which girl you are talking about. and are frauds. they are now paying students for articles. hope smthng is done against this