Saturday, 4 July 2009

Weird Photography - Part 3

This third part of weird photography is about the hazards of taking pictures of yourself in public places. You might end up having great pictures of yourselves as well as some other surprises in the background. You might especially expect stuff like these:

A picture of some random asses.

A woman stuffing her face.

However, when you least expect it, you might become the victim of your own camera by being caught with a USB cable in your hand, singing a Ghazal.

However, you'll all agree that cameras do serve their purpose sometimes. For instance mine helped immortalize this silicon gloves war today. Ain't it fascinating that they've used something Pamela Anderson has in her boobs as kitchen utensils? Damn!

Anyway, take care dudettes and dudes and my photographed aliens. Have a great Saturday night!

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  1. Photos posted with permissions from those who can be found on them. :D

  2. Hahaha. Nice collection of photos. I loved the silicon glove war.

    Come to think of it, your silicon spatula is made up of boob material. No wonder it makes wonders.

  3. Ghazal?
    Ok, we will have a live performance for the next bloggers' meeting... Thanks for sharing lolz.

    haha, do you have the permission of "A woman stuffing her face"? :P

  4. @ Yashvin, yup we have the permission from the girl on the picture. She's in fact a friend of ours and when I saw this picture I thought I'd post this as some of the photography accidents that might occur when you are trying to photograph something else. Hihi :p

  5. ^^ really weird especially the gloves

  6. i love this :P very funny! You might like this link -> ;)

  7. lol .. from the first foto... :D i wonder if whoever took that has some inner voyeur / ass maniac fantasy hidden inside :D.

    Ahhh sillicon... sillicon just makes magic :D... in all field :D

  8. @ Selven, it was Jevin and it's confirmed that he's ass-obsessed from the pics he took yesterday! Whahaha!

  9. very funny photos :D hope that girl will not sue u afterwards ;)
    Btw silicon is a magical substance, to be handled with care :D

  10. @ Ritesh, that girl won't be sueing me cause she knows about it! hihi!

  11. Actually my real obsession can be seen in the second pic. Obsessed with burgers. HAHAHAHA

  12. A woman stuffing her face ... lol dont think she'll appreciate that

  13. @ Jevin, yeah I knew about your obsession with burgers! :p

    @ Bruno, hehe, I guess no one would ever appreciate getting caught in such a position. Incidentally, in my family, every time there's a dinner, people get caught in exactly this kind of situations.