Thursday, 30 July 2009

A Whole Lotta Chocolate

I just woke up from a 15 minutes slumber, been dreaming about chocolates. Hell! That's nothing unusual. I must say that I often dream about chocolates. Forget about diamonds, I feel that chocolates are girls' best friends.

This week, I've started longing for chocolates even more ever since I've watched Anthony Bourdain's trip to Spain where he visited artisans such as Enric Rovira and Albert Adria. Those guys do wonders with desserts, turning them into real masterpieces. For instance, Rovira's chocolate egg could rightly be compared to a culinary Fabergé. I'll give just about anything to have a bite off it.

Enric Rovira's chocolate eggs - Image from The Scout

For me, a good chocolate should not be too sweet and it should have a velvety texture at the same time. That would totally suit some Swiss chocolates - the best I've had so far. Despite all the hype, I don't really like Lindt chocolates. I bend more towards artisanal ones and I'm lucky enough to have an aunt coming directly from Switzerland this Saturday so that I could have my fill of those awesome chocolates! How cool is that?


  1. ^^ ohhhh chocolate chocolate...have you tasted those from Sweet Spot?
    Have a nice day.

  2. For me, chocolate has to be bitter for me to enjoy it! Dark chocolate is awesome!

  3. oh 1 chocolate comes in mind :p

    Lindt =)

  4. Lindt def doesn't live up to the hype esp those little shell kind ones which taste a bit plastic-y. I agree artisanal ones taste way better - My dad often bought from this chocolaterie called Van Anne I think? Those were heavenly!

  5. Did you say chocolate? ;) I have a preference for the bitter and sour ones rather than the too sweet chocs. And especially those who melt in the mouth :P

  6. I prefer dark chocolates too! Mmm now I fancy having a slice of triple-layered black forest cake! I'm not too keen on 'solid' chocolates. But Swiss chocolates are a bliss! Enjoy...:)

  7. I love all types of chocolate. :D I can't live without chocolate esp when it's THAT time of the month.

  8. I just love chocolates, could eat boxes of them all day :D

  9. @ val: no offence meant but geez, you change blog way too much!

    @ morinn: hmm, can you pls share some of those Swiss chocolates with us? please!!! :P

  10. I love dark chocs but am in no hurry to finish them!

  11. I love chocolates be it solid or not, be it dark or not.

  12. @ La Pingouine, not yet! But some people have deeply recommended it. I need to taste their chocolates. :D

    @ Yashi, hell yeah! The best one I had was an 85% dark chocolate! That was powerful! :p

    @ Mervin, hehe! I'm not really into Lindt. But if someone offers me a Lindt I wouldn't mind, it's still chocolate!

    @ Val, yeah Van Ann! That's actually quite close to my place. My dad often brings some home. I love their filled chocolates.

    @ Nussaibah, the darker ones are awesome too! :D

    @ Wez, been dreaming about chocolate cakes all week! Managed to have a slice today! Pheew! The week-end is saved! LOL

  13. @ Aline, I hear you! I really long for chocolate when my time of the month comes too!

    @ Ritesh, glad to meet yet another chocoholic! :D

    @ Waz, Me? Share? No way! :D

    @ Keats, aww you break my heart and that of all the chocolates in the world! LOL! How can you not be in a hurry to finish them?!

    @ Jevin, yeah in brief, you LOVE chocolate! I love you. :$

  14. 10.22 pm...
    *craving for a moist chocolate cake*

    Arghhhh! *time of the month*

  15. @ Angele, OMG, I'm craving for one now as well. I just spent 15 minutes looking at pictures of chocolate cakes. This ain't good for me! No no!