Thursday, 6 August 2009

Being a lefty.

Left handers' day is on the 13th of August. So I thought I'd share a little about being a lefty.

Being a lefty is being like any other person except that you get to use your left hand to do stuff that others would do with their right hand. At least, that's how I see it.

Yesterday, while looking for some lefty websites, I came across one which carried loads of lefty-related products adverts and which was obviously run by lefties with some biases. Those lefties were of the opinion that we are discriminated against in many aspects. For instance, the fact that most instruments are made for right-handed persons is reason enough for them to call it a discrimination.

I hate to differ, but this is not a discrimination, simply because most lefties can handle standard instruments pretty well. I can handle daily stuff such as pens, knives, a mouse or scissors correctly. I don't need to buy special lefty material for me to start leading a normal life. Those manufacturers of lefty stuff should stop making us feel crippled without those specially-made-for-lefties-products.

The only occasions when I've been bothered because I am a lefty was when my primary school teachers wanted me to use my right hand to write and when people at religious ceremonies asked me to eat with the right hand instead of the left. Had I known better, I would have shown them my left middle finger. Too bad I was a kid.

I don't understand why some people often associate unproven negative characteristics with lefties. Parents should let their kids make their choice and teachers should comply to that choice too. There's nothing wrong about being a lefty. Well, I may be weird sometimes, but it's due to other factors, I promise.

So dudettes and dudes, is anyone of you a lefty too? I'd like to know how you find the lefty experience.

P.S: I know that La Pingouine is a lefty too. Hehe


  1. The Princess is a lefty and she is usually bothered with certain things: scissors, can openers etc... The fact that kids are forced to use the right hand in Mauritius is a kind of Mauritian specificity. This specificity is called... sorry about that, discrimination.

  2. Haha. I'm right handed, but I think I'm left footed.

    I'm sure you've got some kind of girl pink pair of lefty scissors.

  3. @ Sachin, yeah in Mauritius parents tend to force their kids to use the right hand. I hope that diminishes with time.

    @ Jev, hell no! But I had one as a gift when I was a kid. :D

  4. First time visit here. I just know there a lefty day. I'm a lefty too when I'm a child :)

  5. @ Another Blogger, are you still a lefty? :)

  6. Not a total lefty but doing lots of things with the left hand, that's me!

  7. I know lefties are talented and smart. They are remarkably good at writing, painting, drawing, sewing, cooking etc.

    There's a few lefties in my family and my BFF is a lefty too...and now you...:)

  8. ^^ hehe hello lefty blogger how are you hinhin? the thing i hate is when people say "TO gaucherrrrrrr??!!!?" if it was something strange. Like you i don't need special lefty materials hahaha but i can't use the potato peeler, i think they invent it only for right handed. Oh one thing, I use my right hand for the mouse...

  9. I am not lefty. I would have liked to develop my left hand better.

    I even tried to write with my left hand for some time.

    My left hand is clumsy.

    Where there is discrimination there is canned thoughts.

  10. I'm a writing lefty, but when I started using a mouse or playing guitar, I just used my right hand. So I kinda developped both hands. I guess I'm mouse ambidexte! :p

  11. @ Keats, you're almost ambidextrous then!! :D

    @ Wez, I guess I got the cooking gift only. I was horrible at painting and drawing! :p

    @ La Pingouine, I can't use potato peelers too. I cut myself once when I was a kid. :( I use the mouse with the right hand too! Hihi!

    @ Neelesh, It is said that lefties are adapt more to different instruments since it's not always easy for them. You should try developing your left hand. ;)

    @ Airwin, for the mouse I use the right hand too but for the guitar I really can't. Had to reverse all the guitar strings and it became confusing! :p

  12. lefty are much more precise in what they do :p take for e.g for in sports a lefty will be much more accurate :p

  13. @ Mervin, yeah lefties are quite popular in sports. :D

  14. Ha ha I like this entry, especially "I would have shown them my middle finger".

    Me too I started writing with the left hand, and my parents would take off the pencil n put it in my right hand. It didn't work. I was strongly left handed.

    My grandad used to called me 'gauchard'. But he never once asked me to use the right hand. But I've had to face the looks of disapproval of other people of his generation at safrans, as if eating with the left hand was extremely gross. One old lady advised me [in bhojpuri] to eat with the right hand. I replied 'mo gaucher'.

    Mum used to reassure me 'Amitabh Bacchan ene gaucher li aussi", to avoid the possibility the kid me might later feel inferior to right handed individuals. Dad used to say lefties are good artists.

    Next time I'll go to temple, I'll offer my left hand to the priest for the red cord. He will certainly ask for the other hand. I'll see if the priest succumbs to attaching the red thread at my left wrist.

  15. Yeah, Lefties power!!!!
    I'm leftie and I'm proud of it!!!
    I even made a music group with my cousins(they are lefties too :) ) and we are already making our first CD.
    Go lefties, go lefties, go lefties!!!

  16. im ambidextrous and my friends know and they tell someone and people keep coming to me saying they dont believe me that i write and do everything with both hands . That is EXTREMELY annoying , almost as annoying as when your writing and someone`s watching yu and they ask " are yu left handed " like obviously . gosh

  17. im left handed also and ive come to notice that ive made my self get use to alot of stuff. like wen i was younger my teachers always told me i was holdin stuff wrong but they didnt now i was left handed n i didnt now it made any diffrence i just wanted to fit in so pretty much i can get use to alot of stuff i dont like being treated "wit special needs"