Monday, 31 August 2009


More viral than Twitter is female gossips. News travels fast through this channel and the more spicy it is, the faster it travels.
I personally enjoy gossips, here I said it. Don't tell me you did not know that about me.
So yeah I shared some news with my gals today in class and I got filled on the latest too. Who is dating who, who broke up with who... It's amazing how those futile conversations can be relaxing at times.
On some other note, I've been thinking today how when you've got online buddies, distance and geographical location does not matter. To my buddies who are going abroad, hint hint.
Love you all! Yeah I'm zen today. Drank way too much green tea. Oh I love that!


  1. One day, m0rph was passing by the well and he saw 2 ladies.

    The 2 gurls were pulling out water quietly.
    They were not gossiping.


    This is the Best lie eva recorded in the Guness World Record book!

  2. LOL Morinn I do love gossip too! :)

  3. oh im a queen when it comes to gossip. i know, it sucks to admit it but it's such a guilty pleasure :) also when it ccomes to the first days of school when you go back and get to know all the juicy details about everyone's summers and the newest scandals...:) xoxo

  4. lol me too...:p i think we all love it :p

  5. I don't gossip, I just enjoy throwing false news around gossipy people's ears. Its funny to see false news running around. LOL

  6. there r some kind of gossips i like and some kind that i hate..

    generally it isn't a good thing but when a gossip stays between two persons its ok i think :P

  7. I like gossips. Gossips are cool, man.

    We may not realise it, but gosssips is what makes this world go round. Haha

  8. well it depends which proportion it takes afterwards :p