Sunday, 23 August 2009

Family get-togethers

Oh yes, you might plan everything beforehand but it'll always turn out to be ALMOST perfect and NOT totally perfect. There's always something that would go wrong:

  • Perhaps someone saying something that he/she should not have and embarrassing someone else.
  • Someone letting out a fart.
  • The host cracks a joke that indirectly makes fun of a guest's physical appearance.
  • The host burns part of the food.
  • The guest breaks something.

Oh but then, at the end of the day the good memories prevail and there's only one thought in your mind: When are we gonna meet again?

So dudettes and dudes and my inquisitive aliens, yes, I've been to a family get-together today and yes, it was not perfect but yes, I had an awesome time. Hehe!


  1. I agree that these things are never perfect. And its impossible to make it perfect for everyone. Guess you have to lower your levels before attending those meetings. Haha.

  2. Or rather we have to work harder to make it perfect the next time!

  3. hate family get togethers. prefer friends get togethers =)

  4. I used to think that family reunions were so boring when I was younger. Sometimes I didn't even attend prefering to chill out with friends or just laze at home all alone. But with time, I realised the importance of getting together and spending time with families.

    It doesn't have to be perfect. You just make yourself comfy, eat a lot, chitchat here and there and follow the flow. Hehehe.

  5. I love family get togethers =P Though I'm always complaining before I go there =) I have a HUGE family, lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and a niece =P What's good with family get-togethers is that you can just relax and be yourself, whatever you do =P

  6. ^^ i know what you mean...I love the family get togethers but sometimes it can really be a nightmare...

  7. Family get -togethers are fun. It's a time to catch up and make merry!