Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Growing Up

While hashtag fans on Twitter have found yet another way to keep themselves busy, it made me truly drown into an introspection. You know when you've just stepped into adulthood, you're almost always not entirely an adult. It takes times and you gotta recognize the signs. Those signs that will let you know that you've changed, for the better or the worse.

Sign #1 : Some Opinions Change
You will suddenly notice that some of the stupid things you deeply believed in would no longer look so wonderful or worthwhile. For me that was Avril Lavigne and baggy pants. Ew!

Sign #2 : Some Opinions Crop Up
You will start taking interest in current news and will start reading papers, not just the TV guide part. You will then feel the need to talk about what you have read and sometimes you will dare disapprove of someone else's opinion. Some people might start being impressed by who you have become.

Sign #3: Having short or long term projects will seem natural
You will start setting objectives, yeah not just those regarding the next beer party or holidays. You will look forward to completing your studies so that you could start working, buy a car, build a house, get married, have kids.

Sign #4: Commitment will look cool
No more wandering about. No more finding that the opposite sex is too weird. You meet the right person and you feel like committing.

So dudettes and dudes, are you a grown up?


  1. hmm let me think hahaha :p may be...or not! ^^
    Sign #1 : same for me, with Lorie, Britney Spears hahaha

    Sign #2 : i have no choice...in my job i have to read newspapers and listen to news on the radio or watch news on BFMtv or Tempo :p...

    Sign #3 : yup even if i haven't completed my studies am working :p

    Sign #4 : huh not for me...i have a dream to realise...then will see

    so am not a grown up even at 25 ahahaha.

  2. *pondering*

    Yes yes I'm definitely a grown up! Hahaha :P

    But one thing though... No matter how grown up I am (or think I am *hremmm*) I still think that sometimes the opposite sex is weird! Lol

  3. @ La Pingouine and Angele, I'm still stuck at phase 3. LOL! Gotta complete the studies before going any further.

  4. grown up but still pretending that I haven't coz seriously being grown up is friggin boring - it's all routine and it gets way too materialistic (for me liking) somewhere along the way!

    @ sign #4 : really? since when? :P
    sign 4 is the one main reason why i'll do my best not to act "grown up" on the outside! commitment can = headache, heartache, backache, bum-ache :P and budget-ache! :P Like the song said: I'm better off alone anyway! :P lol, nah seriously, don't commit too early until life gets a bit more stable otherwise it get too much of a challenge to handle...

    you forgot:
    sign #5 It gets harder to make new friends - you are too busy with work load or so-called commitments/ responsibilities that you tend to overlook that aspect of life...i think it's true when they said that your best friends are your high school friends (or even the ones from primary school)! these are the ones you have spent your formative years! you have been thru high and lows with them. so you get to trust them a tad more...i guess!

  5. ps: these are but my own biased opinions! no offense meant or intended...

  6. I guess I am grown up but sometimes I purposely behave like kids by cracking nonsense jokes :P

  7. When you are younger you can't wait to grow up. When you are older, shouldering the responsibilities, leaving the cocoon your childhood creates to live in the 'real world' seems daunting.

    Personally I think growing up is too much bother. I miss my carefree Highschool days and now I'm trying to extend my student days by doing a *third* degree.

    Still all the points you have listed apply to me too!
    Damn I've grown up.

  8. lol i am so not a grown up and i wanna say yay! i am peter pan! muahahah! :P

  9. @ Waz, Oh we'll see how it goes when you meet THE girl! Hihi! It's just a matter of time. :p

    Yeah I forgot the not-having-time-for-friends part! In fact there's something else.
    Sign #6: You start denying that you've been young and crazy too when talking to younger ones! :D

  10. @ Yashvin, it's sometimes good to be a child at heart. :D

    @ Selective Apathy, I get a feeling that I'll miss being a student too once the degree's over. Thinking about my highschool days makes me nostalgic too. All the friends that I had and how much fun we had. Damn! I miss that!

    @ Rooch, oh my Peter Pan! You look more like fee clochette! Hihi! Always cute and flying around!

  11. I guess I'm not an adult yet 'cause reading/watching news is so 'yikey' to me. Maybe I'll take an interest when I'm in my 50s. ;)

    My opnions always change! Been moody since I was a tot and womanhood has intensified that trait. Much to my own misery, sometimes.

    And the rest: so true...

  12. i agree with sign #6...though at times i find myself relate more to younger ones! lol, puer aeternus FTW! :)

  13. I guess I am =) I feel I've suddenly got out of my cocoon these last few days and is seeing the world under a new light =)

  14. Damn, I am so old. I have all the signs...

    But then, I'm enjoying every bit of it. I love my independence.

  15. At school, there was a newly introduced module named: Growing Up. The teacher was a Home Economics teacher.

    I prefer not to grow up and stay like a kid just like I am now! Peter pan in nevarland!