Saturday, 15 August 2009

H1N1 - Take your precautions

In my previous post I must admit that I was freaked out by the A H1N1 virus. Hearing all those deaths did make me wonder to what extent we are all at risk. However, thanks to the advices and information I got from several people, namely those who dropped some reassuring comments (thanks a lot dudettes and dudes!), I now feel quite confident.

For one, the virus is not killing randomly. That, at least is certain. But we should all take our precautions and those who are at risk (such as diabetes patients, pregnant women, those suffering from chronic lung, heart, kidney, liver and neurogical diseases, HIV-AIDS patients, people aged over 65 years and children aged below 5) should be even more cautious.

Some behaviour to adopt in these time would be to use paper towels regularly to blow our nose and to dispose of them correctly.

We should also wash our hands regularly using soap to get rid of any bacteria.

Wearing of masks can be useful when going out into public places. (Don't go about developing agoraphobias though).

Those who present symptoms of any flu should stay at home to prevent the spreading of the virus.

The Mauritian Ministry of Health is advising people to take paracetamol pills in case of flu symptoms and to get some good bed rest. Not all flu is H1N1. However, if one does not feel better after a day or two or if one is having respiratory difficulties, then it is advised to go to the hospital immediately.

Most importantly, dudettes and dudes, we should not give in to panic. Precautions might help us to avoid the A H1N1 virus. We should also keep ourselves informed of the local situation and inform people around us.

Finally, I wanted to share these with you:
H1N1 by Maliha
Ludovic Froget's information box.

Take your precautions dudettes and dudes and best of luck dealing with the pandemic.


  1. You should be fine as long as you don't have any chronic condition. But that doesn't mean you shouldnt be careful :)

  2. @ Yashi, yeah! I'm being uber careful for now! :D

  3. yup we should be careful :)thanks for the advices...

  4. Thanks for the advice :) We've been freaking out a little a home... My parents meet a lot of people at their work place and well, these people don't hesistate to sneeze or cough on others <_<

  5. After reading Nussaibah's comment, I have to say that...
    People have to learn to take some precautions.
    Some people are really stupid or simply inconsiderate. They know that they have symptoms of flu but still go out and spread it to others.

  6. Yes take precautions. That's the best treatment apparently...

  7. hey instead of using soap, use soap dispenser or each soap for one person but soap dispenser, well moins lamerdement :p