Tuesday, 11 August 2009

M6's Blunder

Last night at 8 I was cozily seated in front of my TV. The channel I chose was M6 and I was impatiently waiting for its popular program, Capital, to start. Capital is a weekly show presented by Guy Lagache, which is often divided into four parts and which centres around matters pertaining to businesses, economies, expenditure and savings. I must say that I'm a regular viewer of this show and that I'm often impressed by the amount of research carried out by M6's reporters to yield very precise, factual and exclusive reports.

Last night's program was titled Enquête sur les lieux stars de vos vacances and out of the 4 parts, one of them was dedicated to guidebooks. The report tried to demonstrate to what extent some guidebooks are not really reliable because some authors do not even try out all of the places that they recommend in those books and that some editors do not cross-check the information provided by authors before allowing the publication of those books. In summary, as per Capital's report, some information provided by guidebooks might not be accurate and in worst cases, totally fallacious. So M6 was recommending people to be cautious with guidebooks and was criticising some editors for their lack of accuracy.

So you can imagine how baffled I was by the irony of the situation when later, in the same report, there occurred what I would call a major information blunder on the part of M6's reporters.

After talking about guidebooks, the report moved on to "virtual guidebooks" such as TripAdvisor, Vinivi or DisMoiOù and here the major blunder occurred. They interviewed the guy behind DisMoiOù and followed him as he was negotiating business proposals with potential clients and all the while they referred to the guy as Gilles Granger, thrice, when he was obviously not Granger. I'm guessing that a mistake occurred while processing the show and adding the voice-off and someone confused the name of the founder of DisMoiOù with that of Vinivi.

You've got to find this blunder ironic when minutes ago, in the same report, questions were raised regarding the reliability and accuracy of guidebooks. How about the accuracy of the channel's own information? This surely has kept me wondering...

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  1. moi je dis bien fait pour Guy et ses potes!!! ^^ I preferred the other guy who used to present Capital! :p anyway sometimes mistakes happen... :p

  2. Au debut j'aimai bien capital, c-t instructif, ca faisait rever, etc... Apres un an, j'ai vite compris comment ca marche et graduellement ca ma saouler! Surtout les inédits de l'été ou ils font que passer des vacances de riches, des milliardaires sur la cote d'azure, ca devient vite dégoutant, voir frustrant. Après une saison tu comprendras vite que c'est du réchauffé, de l'anné précédente!

  3. They confused Gilles Granger (founder of Vinivi) with Gilles Barbier (founder of DisMoiOu). Pretty annoying huh...

  4. @ La Pingouine, eh oui mistakes happen, sauf que j'aimerais bien ne pas les deceler, ca enleve du charme de l'emission! :D

    @ Airwin, et oui! Bien dit! Y en marre de ces vacances de reves que l'on nous montre dans ces emissions! A quand les vrais bon plans? :S

    @ The Mad Hatter, lol! Shocking indeed, especially when they were criticising the misinformation of guidebooks. :D

    @ Jevin, thanks for supplying the name of DisMoiOu's founder. Though the names are quite similar, the mistake can't be much excused, huh?