Friday, 21 August 2009

Ouch! Shopping.

Damn I'm tired! The day was great but tiresome. We've been shopping. Or rather, Jevin went shopping and I accompanied him. So he bought himself a pair of shorts and sneakers. Damn that guy loves shopping! As soon as we entered the shopping complex, he was ecstatic and I was bored like crazy while he was trying out outfits and making his choice.

I know I'm totally un-girlie on this, but that's just not the way I shop. When I'm out shopping, I almost always know what I want way before entering the shop. I know which colour, which design and which price range of clothing I want and in that way, I shop efficiently and effectively and no need to say, my gals hate me for that, but that's just the way I am. I would have wanted to enjoy long shoppings too I guess.

An awesome part of the day was the cake above. It was great. And of course, cuddling with the boyfriend. Oh I love him so...


  1. I can never plan what I have to buy. I always fall some outfit at some random time. Haha

  2. Yeah I saw that quite some time Jev! And you saw how I shop too! LOL

  3. I hate shopping too! And I always find stuff to buy when I'm out broke and window-shopping...