Saturday, 1 August 2009

Some kind of Saturday...

I just had a foot bath while watching Un Diner Presque Parfait. That was bliss! The foot bath, not the show. There's something truly fantastic about soaking your feet in warm water and scrubbing them afterwards...

Earlier today, together with Jevin, we headed for some remote areas in Goodlands. There were some places that I wanted to explore and I was hoping to photograph some cows that usually feast on the green grasses out there. Bad luck! There were no cows, except me (as Jevin astutely pointed out). I, however got some nice surprises by visiting the region. (Pictures below)

Who would have thought that barely metres away from Goodlands' main road lied such beautiful places?

Right now I just had a coffee and vanilla ice-cream with the family. The rest of my Saturday will be spent cozily in front of the TV. Tomorrow I'll be celebrating Jevin's birthday with him.

So much for my Saturday dudettes and dudes. How did yours go?


  1. I do miss Goodlands, Petit Raffray, Cottage, Anse la Raie and Grand Gaube. I grew up around there and always thought I was lucky to live in such beautiful environment.

  2. I'm from Goodlands!! That's St Antoine right? The 3rd picture?

  3. Isnt the last picture in some kind of morcellement in st antoine?

    MEGALOL @ the Cow joke :P
    Hats off!

  4. @ Sachin, yeah those places are truly beautiful!

    @ Wez, I'm from Goodlands too, now living at Petit Raffray!! :D

    @ Wez and Yashvin, yeah that's St Antoine! I fell in love with the place yesterday! I wanna live there someday!! :D

  5. Woow so many people from that part of the country. :S

    I still live in Goodlands.

  6. arrghhh that is hell of a journey for me =)

    when i i think about goodlands poste la fayette etc..i say to myself: dear its on the other side of the map :P

    saturday bof as usual and then at nite head to flic en flac :P

  7. I like those trips when you hit the road and explore places you've never been to. I particularly enjoy driving to the south part of Mauritius. So many amazing places! And there's still so much to discover. Hehehe.