Monday, 10 August 2009

Weekend's Gone

I had a wonderful time yesterday at the Pamplemousses Botanical Garden. The last time I went there was so ages ago that I could barely recall having been there at all. So I re-discovered the garden with the family and it was an awesome experience.

On Saturday I got my fill of blissful and delightful chocolates! Got enough to last me a whole year I guess!

On another note today's Monday and classes resume. I won't be updating much dudettes and dudes. Not that I'm assuming that you'll miss me! Hehe! See y'all! And be good!


  1. Everyone going to the botanical garden always take that same picture. Haha.

    Ahh so many chocolates. Hmmm looks good. :p I want some. :D

  2. @Jevin : haha! No need to say the name, just put the picture :P

  3. chocolates not good for girls :p contains loads loads of calories :P :P :P

    haha jk :P

    a'way i love chocolates too :p my best companion when i'm sad or going thru' tough times

  4. @ Yashvin, yeah the picture is explicit enough! :D

    @ Mervin, yeah rightly said! The best companion indeed!

  5. I loveeeeeee Pamplemousses Botanical Garden!!!! ^^ I want to live in a place like this :p

  6. I don't remember the last time I went to Pamplemousses garden! Think it must be in primary school during a class outing. Damn, that was ages ago! hahaha.

    Chocolates! *drooling*
    *take some chocolates and run away* :D

  7. @ La Pingouine, yeah it would have been awesome to live in a place like this! :o

    @ Mervin, I think it's free on Sundays! Hihi

    @ Angele, hehe! The chocolates came just in time for my time of the month! I was lucky this time. :D