Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Where does all the money go?

Yesterday, at breakfast, we received the visit of a guy dressed in traditional clothes. The purpose of his visit was to collect donation money for the construction of a new temple in the village. I'm often skeptical about those visits as I'm not even sure that the temple for which the guy was asking a donation will really be constructed. During the past 8 years that we have been living here, we've all too often had similar visits and there still is only one temple in the village.

That makes me wonder whether all the past temple-construction projects had truly been dropped or whether those projects were just plain scams aimed at collecting a maximum of money from gullible religious blinds? After all, those who are asking for donations would not be accountable to anyone. Last time I checked, there were no records of any donation that each individual made.

When it comes to the donations that people make while praying, most of this money goes in the renovation of the temple itself or in the funding of religious events and probably as the "salary" of the priest presiding over the temple.

I know that religious functions can be important but wouldn't the temple be doing more constructive actions by using the donation money for charity organisations for example? Very few do it and it's actually disappointing to see that my religion is helping no one but itself...

Next time that I'll have the choice between helping out an organisation or a temple, the choice will be easy.


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  2. The solution is simple :

    Don't believe in God : 119 comments!

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  3. @ ¥@$# wai mo gagne l'impression zis toi kine remark sa! XD alor mone re change li! :p

  4. @ Yashvin, I remember this post! :p

    But it's not only a question of believing or not. I would have been the first one to donate to temples had I been sure that this money was being used in constructive ways to help out those who are in need. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

    I think the temples would have attracted more followers if they spent the money wisely.

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  9. I've stopped giving donations. I mean sometimes you get 4 or 5 visits asking for donations. :S It's insane.

    I think that the number of temples in your locality is proof enough of how well donation money is spent. ;)

  10. yeah they come at my place too, at least once every month. but thing is, u can't even refuse them :S

  11. Boy you've hit it on the head! I donate to street beggars only. No one else. I don't like seeing people come knocking on my door for money. I slam the door or the window! Yes I used to peep unwanted callers through the window. lol

    Anyway you should ask for phone numbers or even a postal address or any letter to confirm their 'demand'.

  12. bah i dont have enough money these days to donate to anyone.
    petit raffray is small, it does not need 10 000 temples!

  13. We usually see this stuff here and my parents are always eager to help, but there are time we cannot help but wonder if they are telling the truth or not...

  14. Last time someone came to my door, I gave them my blessings... because blessings are invaluable...

  15. @ Jevin, yeah I guess those guys take the donation money for themselves! LOL!

  16. @ Rooch, you might tell the person to come later because you haven't got money with you for the time being! Hihi!

    @ Wez, I'm gonna start slamming the door on their faces now! Hehe! That'll give them a good idea of why they should not come asking for money.

    @ Keli, yeah exactly! And one is free to do whatever she pleases with her money!

    @ Nussaibah, my father is often eager to donate as well. My mum is quite skeptical about most of those people though!

    @ Yashi, Hehe! I'll give 'em my blessings next time! OMG, now I just can't wait for the next visit!

  17. Its not about believing in god or not. Just that, nobody should give donations to 'strangers' who come up. Whatever be the reason. Except if they provide proper documents and evidence of how the money will be used.

    Rock ON!!

    @morinn, i like this comment section better.. :P more readable.. kip it this way..!

  18. @ Sun, Thanks! I like the comment threading better too! :D

    And I agree that it's not a question of believing or not, as I mentioned below. ;)

  19. When I was still in Mauritius, there were people coming to knock on the door. They will start to preach about religion and won't stop until you give rs 10 to buy some kind of thin magazine about jesus etc.