Saturday, 22 August 2009

Whipped Bakeshop

You guys know how much of a dessert aficionado I am and so I thought it won't surprise you much if I shared my favourite desserts-photostream with you people. The photostream is that of Zoe Lukas, she's running her own bakery, Whipped Bakeshop and makes some awesome dessert-masterpieces.

Each of her creations are real feasts for the eye and I could spend hours browsing through her photostream. No wait! I did spend hours browsing through her photos, and several times for that matter! I never seem to get enough of those lovely cakes. My favourite by far are Zoe's cupcakes and uniquely shaped cookies.

Do check out Whipped Bakeshop's photostream on Flickr but don't blame me for the drooling! :p See y'all dudettes and dudes and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Yeah you showed me that album some time back. It's really not approprite for dessert aficionado. :p Too much drooling. Hahaha

  2. :O do you think that we can get drunk with the Jack Daniel's Whiskey Cake ??? ^^

  3. oh my!! A real artist!!
    Awesome creations...n surprisingly m pa troo gagn envi manz zottes maybe because i love only chocolate stuffs.. :P

  4. Are you trying to make me hungry? 'Cause it's working xD

  5. OMG! Those pics excited my palate! And now I'm drooling..I'm a cake junkie too...You should check out Cake Boss. He got his own TV show and his creations are superb. He is uber talented and watching his show doesn't help me in 'wanting' to lose weight...