Saturday, 29 August 2009

With a moo moo here and a moo moo there

grazing cows

Nope! I'm not on dope or something. Not yet, that is. I can't believe that I've almost let one week pass without posting an update here. I won't give the lame excuse that life has been hectic, 'cause that'll be an outright lie. I'll just say that I have been enjoying the last days of those unexpected holidays as much as I can.
Regarding the title, today we went visiting a place that will soon be ours and we were welcomed by cows that were silently grazing there. On the picture you can see a brown and a black one. Now ain't that great? I managed to fulfill one of my holiday-wishes, that of photographing cows. Ooh but I was damn scared of those cute but nonetheless big creatures...
Anyway, the weekend is going on smoothly dudettes and dudes, how's yours?


  1. ^^ cool you've already met your neighbor!!! my week-end is short, am working tomorrow and on monday :(

  2. Haha. Yes these are the new neighbours.

    I intend to have a relaxing weekend. :P And I will. Haha

  3. lol! I love the title of this post :P

  4. Are you goin to own this place? Luckyyyy you i always wish to have such a place where there are lots of animals :( I wish i could have cows, donkeys, horses, goats!! :| *Sigh* and each morning i would be milking cows *hawwwwwn!!* :(

    I totally love this pic!! where is that?

  5. hahaha that's supercool! even though,when it comes to myself im not so cow-friendly... See along with the cows, comes a not-so-nice smell ;p lol -has to be fun though? did u get to milk them? :p

  6. cool :) weekend was ok :) a little pic nic on saturday @ choisy :P

    sunday was boooooring :(


  7. @ Maliha, it was taken in Grand Bay at about 5 minutes from Super U. I love farm animals too. I so wish I could live near a farm! :D

    @ Pixie, nope I did not get to milk them. Honestly, I would have been damned freaked out to do that!